Rent Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Reasons to Rent Fiber Optic Test equipment from JM Test Systems

  1. Reduce Expenses. Renting allows you to get the test equipment you need for the exact amount of time you need it, providing significant savings over buying.
  2. Reduce Down-Time. Our equipment arrives in perfect working order, however, if it should ever fail, we’ll handle it quickly so your project can remain on time.
  3. Fight Obsolescence. Renting takes the headaches out of keeping up with industry changes, allowing you to increase your performance and accuracy efficiently.
  4. No annual maintenance costs. When you rent equipment instead of buying it, you don’t have to worry about yearly Calibration or Maintenance expenses. JM Test Systems includes a current one-year calibration for every unit rented.

In today’s world of communications, bandwidth is the most sought after commodity. The wider the bandwidth, the more and faster data can be sent down the communications media. Fiber optics uses light through glass. Light is at such a high frequency that the bandwidth available for fiber optic communications systems is the greatest of all the communications media available in this day and age.

JM Test Systems not only rents Fiber Optic Test Equipment. We also have a friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist in questions or determining what is best for your application. If you need technical assistance that may exceed our knowledge, don’t worry! We maintain close relationships with Fiber Optic Test Equipment Manufacturers like Fluke Networks, Anritsu, Fiber Fox and more and can quickly get you the technical assistance you need to keep moving!

When you rent fiber optic test equipment, such as an OTDR or OLTS with JM Test, you get the added benefit of being able to pick and choose the launch cables or patch cords that fit your application. We also supply interchangeable input and output port adapters with every fiber tester to support SC, LC, ST and in some cases, FC style connections.

What type of certification are you doing?

Are you fiber troubleshooting or checking for insertion loss?

Are you verifying cable length and/or polarity?

What is your style connectors?
Fiber Testing LC Connection
Fiber Testing FC Connection
Fiber Testing ST Connection
Fiber Testing SC Connection
What sizes do you need?

Are you doing fusion splicing?

Are you testing Coax?

What type of quote should we send?

Fiber and Copper Certification Fluke Networks Versiv Products
Fiber Certification Fluke Networks Versiv Products Needed
Fiber Optic Test EquipmentVersiv Mainframe
Two versiv mainframes2 Versiv Mainframes
Fiber Optic Test Equipment RemoteVersiv Remote
Fiber Optic Test Equipment CableAnalyzer DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer Modules
Fiber Optic Test Equipment for Optical Loss TestingCertiFiber Pro Quad OLTS Modules
Fiber Optic Test Equipment for Fiber TroubleshootingOptiFiber Pro Quad OTDR Module
Fujikara Fusion SplicerFujikara 70S+

Items pictured are examples only. Comparable products may be quoted depending on availability.

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