PIM Test Equipment Calibration Services

JM Test Systems provides PIM analyzer and PIM Test Set calibration services on many different brands including Anritsu, Kaelus, Summitek, Rosenberger, CCI PIMPro and Boonton. Many of our PIM Test Equipment Calibration services can also be performed Onsite at your facility by one of our experienced RF Calibration Technicians.

Certified PIM Calibration
PIM Calibration for Kaelus and Anritsu
Certified PIM CalibrationPIM Calibration for Kaelus and Anritsu


We have been an Anritsu partner for over 10 years. Anritsu manufactures top of the line PIM Test Set’s. They are among the most popular brands and are used all over the world. Their MW82119A/B Series are equipped with an internal Range to Fault option, 40W power output and many of the newer models can be equipped with an internal Cable & Antenna Analyzer for Line Sweeping.

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PIM Calibration
PIM Calibration Models


We are also a certified calibration partner for Kaelus in North America (formerly Summitek). Kaelus was formed in 2010 and in 2019 became part of the Microdata Telecom Group. The old Summitek instruments such as their PIM Analyzers are now known as Kaelus PIM Test Equipment. Kaelus offers PIM Test Equipment with two different models. The iXA Series for 700MHz frequency (low/high band) is a 2-port unit equipped with an integrated Range to Fault (RTF) on both ports. Port 1 is a 20W power output and Port 2 is a 40W power output. The iPA Series comes in two different versions. The first is the A model which is an IEC compliant 20W power output and RTF compatible but not integrated. The second is the D model which is a 40W power output and also RTF compatible but not integrated. A Range to Fault (RTF) option can be ordered or rented separately.

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NIST Calibration

Manufacturers of PIM analyzers require periodic calibration of their test equipment to ensure accurate measurements. Major carriers and operators of cell phone systems require the test equipment being used for testing have an up-to-date calibration certificate prior to work being performed on their networks. All PIM analyzers calibrated at JM Test Systems are certified to be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), verifying the tools our customers trust and giving them confidence their job was done right.

Anritsu Training & Education

Are you an experienced Field Engineer, Installer or Site Manager doing work for a Wireless Carrier, Base Station OEM or Tower Company? Anritsu offers Training and Education through an instructor led course to get you Certified and JM Test can help coordinate that for you.