Choose JM for All of Your Hydraulic Tool Repair Needs

JM Test Systems strives to provide the best service available for hydraulic tool repair. We offer repairs on several types of tools like impact wrenches, cutters, pole saws, tamps, crimpers, chain saws, pruners, and more. Broken or worn tools are carefully disassembled by our skilled technicians. Parts are replaced as needed and the original unit is cleaned and inspected. Final testing is completed on all units before returning your tools.

We stock a large inventory of parts so we can provide quick turn around times. JM is your complete hydraulic tool service solution. Instead of buying a new unit, save money by requesting a repair quote today:


Hydraulic Tool Repair

JM Test Systems can provide inspection, cleaning, repair, testing, and even reconditioning of your hydraulic tools.

Factory trained technicians for the following:
FCI BurndyStanley Hydraulics
Burndy / HubbellCoffing Hoists
Huskie ToolsLittle Mule / Columbus McKinnon
Greenlee / TextronVon Corporation
Fairmont / TextronReliable Equipment
Ingersoll-RandS&C Electric Co.

We have extended hydraulic tool repair capabilities for most manufacturers with hundreds of parts in stock.

We repair all types of hydraulic tools including:
Impact wrenchesHydraulic cutters
Hydraulic pole sawsHydraulic tamps
Hydraulic crimperHydraulic chain saw & pruners
Hydraulic pipe cutterHydraulic impact hammer drills
Hydraulic nut splitterHydraulic post driver/tampers
Hydraulic tool accessoriesHydraulic cutter heads
Burndy EP10-1HP Electric Hydraulic Pump with steel rool cageBurndy EP10-1HP

  • Electric Hydraulic Pump with Steel Rool Cage
  • Remote Pendent Control switch
  • 115 Volt
  • 1 HP
  • 10000 PSI
  • 15A Electrical current max
Hydraulic Tool Repair on the Burndy HIW716MAG Impact WrenchBurndy HIW716MAG

  • Hydraulic Impact Wrench
  • 1000-2500 PSI operating pressure
  • 7/16in tri-ball quick chuck
  • 4-12 GPM flow range
  • Shaft seal repair kit
Burndy HPS1383LW Hydraulic Pole ChainBurndy HPS1383LW

  • Hydraulic Pole Chain Saw
  • Aircraft grade solid aluminum body and handle
  • Rugged material for long term use
  • 12in cutting capacity
  • 60in handle length
Greenlee RK06FT Dieless Hydraulic Crimp ToolGreenlee RK06FT

  • Dieless Crimp Tool, Remote
  • Utilizes four intendors to make the crimp
  • Operates from 10,000 psi 700 bar hydraulic pumping sources
  • Small and lightweight for difficult-to-reach locations
  • Equipped with 3/8 in. male screw-type couplers
Greenlee RK1240 Hydraulic Crimping ToolGreenlee RK1240

  • Crimping Tool SA 12T 42MM
  • Crimping head has 1.65″ opening
  • New head designs result in lower weight and improved durability
  • Boss included on each crimping head for use with hotsticks
  • Light weight makes them excellent choices for hotstick use
Greenlee RK1550 15T Hydraulic Crimping Tool RepairGreenlee RK1550

  • 15T Crimping Tool SA UNIV
  • Accepts Kearny PH4/PH14 dies without adapters
  • Zinc-plated head resists corrosion
  • Hot stick attachment point is standard
  • Operates with most 10,000 psi (700 bar) hydraulic sources
Hydraulic Tool Repair on the Stanley CT10 CrimperStanley CT10

  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool designed for quick and easy use
  • CT Crimpers require no booster or intensifier
  • Swivel design on all models provides 360 deg continuous rotation of the die head
  • Accurate, built in relief valve to prevent over crimping
  • 5-10 times faster than hand pumped tools
Stanley BR45 Hydraulic Breaker RepairStanley BR45

  • Hanheld hydraulic breaker – nothing equals the force
  • best power-to-weight ratio, higher blow energy, and lower noise level
  • No tool exhaust
  • Modular, re-buildable design platform improves serviceability
  • Feathering ON/OFF Valve to control speed and make initial tool placement easy
Stanley ID07 Hydraulic Impact Wrench RepairStanley ID07

  • Infastructure Impact Wrench
  • Delivers impact torque of up to 500 ft lbs. / 675 Nm.
  • Large Trigger
  • Reverse-flow check valve presents operation if tool is plumbed backwards
  • Feathering ON/OFF
Stanley CS25 Hydraulic Chain Saw RepairStanley CS25 Hydraulic Chain Saw


  • Used for trimming and pruning large tree branches
  • Automatic chain oiling.
  • Available in 75 in. and 90 in. poles
  • Ideal for right-of-way crews, utilities, parks departments, and grounds-keepers.
  • bucket hydraulic circuit compatibility, Fiberglass handles, and dual spools
Stanley TA54 Hydraulic Tamper RepairStanley TA54 Tamper


  • Ideal for soil compaction around utility poles, signs and fence posts
  • 3-9 gpm (26-34 Ipm) operating rande
  • 3 moving parts
  • 1600 blows per minute
  • minimal maintenance
  • Few moving parts coupled with the closed hydraulic system results in an efficient tool
Hydraulic Tool Repair on the Reliable Equipment REL-LP-1.5 12 ton Hydraulic CrimperReliable-Equipment REL-LP-1.5

  • 12 ton low pressure hydraulic crimping tool
  • 1,500-2,500 psi operating pressure
  • Crimp up to 750 MCM Copper or Aluminum
  • Operate on open or closed center systems
  • Crimping head swivels 360 degree on handle
  • Accepts “U” style die inventories from multiple manufacturers
Hydraulic Tool Repair on the Reliable Equipment REL-425C Impact WrenchReliable Equipment REL-425C

  • Hydraulic impact wrench with 7/16″ QC chuck
  • Designed with E-Z selector for use on both open or closed center hydraulic systems
  • Ideal tool for use on utility pole construction
  • 375 ft.-lb. torque at 6 gpm making it great for drilling, loosening, and tightening
  • Optional trigger guard & adapter
Reliable Equipment REL-TMP Hydraulic Pole Tamper RepairReliable Equipment REL-TMP


  • Hydraulic Pole Tampers
  • Makes quick work of setting poles, ashpalt patch and general construction
  • Only 3 moving parts for low maitenance
  • Reversible on/off valve for open and closed center systems
  • 1,000 – 2,000 psi
  • 1,160 @ 5 gpm blows per minute
Reliable Equipment REL-GRD-1 Hydraulic ground rod driver repairReliable Equipment REL-GRD-1

  • Hydraulic ground rod driver designed to drive 1/2-5/8 in galvanized rods FAST
  • 2,000 max psi pressure
  • 5-8 gpm (18030 lpm)
  • Operate from any Open or Closed center hydraulic systems
  • Lifting eye allows driver to be lifted and suspended above the rod reducing strain

Hydraulic Tool Repair Quote

For more information on the full line of makes and models that we service, please call 1-800-353-3411 or simply send us an email using this form.

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