Electrical Testing Services

Your one supplier for all electrical safety equipment needs, cleaning, and electrical testing services. JM Test Systems is committed to providing quality and reliable service to our customers. Our dielectric testing laboratory can help keep your team safe and in compliance.

PPE Testing & Certification

Electrical testing services for gloves, grounding cables, jumpers, hot sticks and more. The Electrical Safety Laboratory (ESL) at JM Test Systems provides solutions in all areas of PPE and other electrical safety equipment supplies. When new items are purchased we can also perform the required testing on all electrical safety/PPE equipment before we ship.

Electrical Safety – Lab Accreditation

JM Test Systems has been approved as an Accredited Testing Laboratory to test the following lineman’s high voltage protective equipment:

  • Insulating Gloves
  • Insulating Blankets
  • Insulating Covers
  • Insulating Sleeves
  • Insulating Line Hose
  • Rubber Insulating Matting
  • Dielectric Overshoe Footwear
  • Insulating Bucket Liners
  • Hot Sticks & Live-Line Tools
  • Insulating Aerial Devices
  • Portable Grounding Jumper

JM Test System’s is fully accredited for testing high voltage rubber insulated protective goods, to the following ASTM/ANSI Standards:

GlovesD120     /    F496
SleevesD1051   /    F496
BlanketsD1048   /    F479
Line HoseD1050   /    F478
Rubber Insulation CoversD1049   /    F478
Rubber Insulating MattingD178
Hot Stick and Hot Line ToolsD711
Insulating Plastic GuardsD712
Insulating Aerial DevicesANSI-A92.2
Protective Grounds used on de-energized electric power linesASTM F855-03

Onsite Services

JM techs at your location to test your PPE, blankets, hotsticks, hot arms, grounds, trucks, hot tools, and more. After hours testing available.

Onsite Calibration

Electrical Safety Sales

Leading distributor for electrical safety supplies / personal protective equipment. Purchase arc flash, grounds, sticks, gloves, and more.

Electrical Safety Supplies and Test Equipment Rental

Electrical Testing Services: Benefits & Added Services

  • Pick up and delivery services available is select areas. Saves thousands on shipping charges and possible claims.
  • Retest Notices via email and phone prior to items being due.
  • Auto replacement program available. (Cuts down on hold ups for turn-around time)
  • Two week turn-around on testing time – Expedited services available 24/7.
  • Detailed test reports on all equipment at no additional charge.
  • All new equipment is tested and sent out with current dates before it leaves our lab.
  • On location testing services available – We come to you!

Total Reconditioning of Your Equipment.

Send in your line hoses, hot sticks, blankets, arc flash suits, and tools. JM Test Systems’ Electrical Safety Lab provides cleaning, testing, repair and even reconditioning on all types of electrical safety equipment.

Tool Repair Services

JM can also provide tool repair services on battery, hydraulic, and mechanical tools. Repair services can range from minor cleaning and preventative maintenance to a complete refurbishment. Pick up and delivery services are available in select areas for your convenience. To learn more, visit the page for your tool style or submit your full list to us.

Electrical Safety Equipment : New Sales

JM keeps are large inventory of electrical safety equipment in stock with rush delivery options available on select items. Select a category, build a quote and submit it to our inside sales team for pricing and availability.

Utility Products

Electrical Personal Protection Equipment Requirements and OSHA Regulations

JM Test System is concerned about you and your employees’ safety. Our electrical testing services help keep you in compliance with all OSHA. We have provided these helpful links to assist you with the various standards and regulations on PPE.

Why and When to Test Electrical Personal Protection Equipment PPE:

  • Industry standards and regulations:
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926
  • NFPA NEC 2008
  • Various ASTM Requirement

What OSHA Standards Address Electrical Safety?

OSHA standards cover many electrical hazards in many different industries. OSHA general industry electrical safety standards are published in Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 1910.302 through 1910.308 – Design Safety Standards for electrical System and 1910.331 through 1910.335 – Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices Standards.

OSHA’s electrical standards are based on the National Fire Protection Association Standards NFPA 70, National Electric Code, and NFPA 70E, Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces.

OSHA also has electrical safety standards for the construction industry, in 29 CFR 1926, Subpart K. OSHA’s standards for marine terminals, in 29 CFR 1917, and for long shoring, in 29 CFR 1918, reference the general industry electrical standards in Subpart S of 1910. The shipyard standards in 29 CFR 1915 cover limited electrical safety work practices in 29 CFR 1915.181.

OSHA 1910.137(c)(2)(xii) Table I-5
Rubber Insulating Equipment, Test Intervals

Type of equipment

When to test

Rubber insulating line hoseUpon indication that insulating value is suspect and after repair.
Rubber insulating coversUpon indication that insulating value is suspect and after repair.
Rubber insulating blanketsBefore first issue and every 12 months thereafter; 1 upon indication that insulating value is suspect; and after repair.
Rubber insulating glovesBefore first issue and every 6 months thereafter; 1 upon indication that insulating value is suspect; after repair; and after use without protectors.
Rubber insulating sleevesBefore first issue and every 12 months thereafter; 1 upon indication that insulating value is suspect; and after repair.

(1) If the insulating equipment has been electrically tested but not issued for service, it may not be placed into service unless it has been electrically tested within the previous 12 months.

Electrical Testing Services Quote

Tell us about your PPE and electrical safety testing needs. We can help with new purchases, rentals, repair, and testing.