Electrical Safety Equipment, PPE, & Bucket Truck Onsite Testing


JM Test Systems is fully insured and NAIL for PET accredited to ASTM/ANSI standards. You will receive total documentation test reports on all equipment along with certified testing stamps. We can test electrical safety equipment onsite and take care of minor repairs and also clean equipment onsite. Off Hours Testing – We test while you sleep!

Bucket trucks never have to leave your facility!

S – cheduled at your convenience.
O – rganized and complete documentation package.
L – et us do your minor repairs onsite.
U – tility background.
T – imely service and completion.
I – nventory of your trucks and equipment.
O – SHA compliance – access to any industrial facility.
N – otifications automatically sent to you for retesting.
S – olving all of your safety equipment and tool problems.


Electrical Safety Tested On Site:

  • Truck Testing (Bucket Trucks, Diggers)
  • Electrical Grounds (clusters, jumpers and truck grounds)
  • Hot Sticks (telescopic, shot guns and singles)
  • Hot Arms / Extension Arms
  • Hot Tools – Crimpers and Bolt Cutters
  • Cover Up Rubber – Insulating Blankets and Line Hose Covers
  • General Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Cleaning, Inventory, Documentation

Interested in getting your PPE and/or bucket trucks tested onsite?

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