Electrical Safety Equipment, PPE, & Bucket Truck

Onsite Testing

JM Test Systems is fully insured and NAIL for PET accredited to ASTM/ANSI standards. You will receive total documentation test reports on all equipment along with certified testing stamps. We can test electrical safety equipment onsite and take care of minor repairs and also clean equipment onsite. Off Hours Testing – We test while you sleep!



  • Truck Testing (Bucket Trucks, Diggers)
  • Electrical Grounds (clusters, jumpers and truck grounds)
  • Hot Sticks (telescopic, shot guns and singles)
  • Hot Arms / Extension Arms
  • Hot Tools – Crimpers and Bolt Cutters
  • Cover Up Rubber – Insulating Blankets & Line Hose Covers
  • General Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Cleaning, Inventory, Documentation


JM Test Systems is fully insured and NAIL for PET accredited to ASTM/ANSI standards. Bucket & Digger Truck testing is performed in accordance to OSHA, along with a detailed visual inspection.

  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Decreases turnaround time
  • Inspection/testing performed onsite
  • Retest reminders
  • Additional NDT testing available


Bucket trucks never have to leave your facility. Convenient and cost effective.

Customer Testimonials



JM Test came to my facility and tested all of our rubber goods. We were so impressed that we had them to test our trucks as well. Very pleased with the services they provided. Our line hoses and blankets look like new again.

Kevin Fair | Forked Deer Electric

JM Test did a great job and completed our testing in less than two days. The weather was not the best the JM Test team arrived and got down to business.

Len Tow | Linn County Rural Electric Cooperative

Northrop Grumman in St. Augustine, FL has used JM Test Systems annually for Arc Flash PPE testing. Very easy to work with and a fast turnaround. Will continue to do business with them!

Ross McClellan | Northrop Grumman

JM Test Systems are good people to work with – The technician did a very good job of meeting our needs. They are professional, prompt, and thorough with reasonably priced and excellent services.

Bob Bowman | PIQUA Power System

I needed a dielectric test to be ran on a bucket truck ASAP so I could return it to service. I expected to wait a week or more but JM Test Systems was in my shop in just a couple days after I called them.

Ronnie Lyons | Malden Board of Public Works

JM Test Systems

Electrical Testing On Aerial Devices

All electrical tests performed on Aerial Devices are performed to help the end user meet the specific requirements mandated by OSHA and ANSI. For reference, OSHA regulation 1910.67 and ANSI A92.2 will be focused on.

Under OSHA regulation 1910.67, titled “Vehicle-mounted elevating and rotating work platforms”, section 1910.67(c)(3) states that all electrical tests shall be made in accordance with the requirements of ANSI A92.2 – 1969, section 5. This standard has been updated multiple times since OSHA’s adoption of enforcing it; therefore, JMTS does recognize the latest revision to ANSI standard A92.2, updated as of 2015.

Section 5 of ANSI A92.2 describes the test procedures that must be followed to determine the qualities of a unit’s insulation system. JMTS adheres to the electrical testing as described in section 5.4.3, “Periodic/Maintenance Test Procedures”; seeing as, it is the Owners responsibility to conduct periodic testing (ANSI A92.2, section 8.2.4).

Section 5.4.3 describes the periodic testing methods to ensure the insulation integrity of the upper boom for all categories of mobile units (categories A, B, C, D, & E), the Chassis Insulating System, Insulating Liners, Upper Control Components with High Electrical Resistance (commonly referred to as ISO-Grips), and Extensible Aerial Devices.

Same quality, same service – on site!

Onsite Calibration

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