Instrument Calibration

Onsite Testing

Our onsite mobile instrument calibration and metrology laboratories are managed through our fixed facilities and are considered an extension of our fixed laboratories.

All on-site calibration services are covered by our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Mobile laboratories are stocked with the equipment and personnel as appropriate for your job.


We Bring Our Calibration Lab To Your Facility

All on-site work is covered by our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Mobile labs are stocked with equipment and personnel as appropriate for your job and are considered an extension of our fixed labs.
Same quality, same service – on site!

  • Eliminate the time and dollars spent on shipping & receiving
  • Minimal down time equals more productivity
  • All equipment on one calibration schedule
  • Minor repairs can also be done On-Site
  • All calibrations done in our calibration trailers
  • Multiple mobile calibrations labs

Customer Testimonials



“Good people to work with…”

“JM Test Systems are good people to work with – The technician did a very good job of meeting our needs. They are professional, prompt, and thorough with reasonably priced and excellent services.”

Bob Bowman | PIQUA Power System


On Site Instrument Calibration and Metrology Services are available for any region, location, or industry.
More advantages of calibrating onsite include:

Fast Turnaround

Have your instruments returned in hours while reducing downtime and your need for spares.

Reduce Paperwork

There are no shipping costs, receiving, gate passes, etc. needed and we ID all necessary equipment.

Reduce the Possibility of Equipment Damage

There’s no need to be concerned about equipment damage due to shipping.

Quick & Easy Certification

NIST Traceable Certificates and before and after data sheets are supplied immediately.

Minor Instrument Repairs Done On The Spot

We evaluate the piece before rejecting equipment for minor repairs.

Accessory Availability

Replacement batteries, test leads, and cases are available at your convenience.

Electrical Safey Equipment, PPE, & Bucket Truck

Onsite PPE Testing

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JM Test can calibrate just about anything at your site!

I & E, Mechanical, Electronics, as well as Electrical Safety equipment.

For more information regarding our On-Site Calibration services, or our instrumentation, electronic or electrical test equipment, please contact us using the form.