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Electrical Safety Training

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Electrical Safety Training for Non-Electrical Personnel


Everyone working in a commercial, industrial or construction environment, works with or uses electrically-powered equipment or works around electrical power system devices. Most of them have very little idea of what the dangers are, what hazards may exist or what they could potentially be exposed to by doing their normal, everyday jobs. There are dozens of reasons workers can be injured by electricity in the workplace. This course is designed to help the non-electrical worker recognize potential hazards, how to avoid dangerous situations, how to safeguard themselves against injuries, learn the safety standards and regulations that affect them, and to know what the correct precautions are to reduce or eliminate hazards and avoid accidents that may lead to injury or death.

Electrical Safety Training for Qualified Electrical Workers


Intended for all maintenance and testing personnel who work on or near electrical equipment, this course meets or exceeds the basic OSHA expectations for electrical safety training. All of the precepts and concepts of electrical safety are carefully explained, and both classroom and hands-on sessions assure that the skills and knowledge can be demonstrated to meet OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements. The practical demonstration of skills concentrates on applications at 600 volts and below. Additional training can be added to this course to encompass the understanding and demonstration of the special skills and knowledge required for medium voltage applications as well as employer-specific requirements.

Courses are prescheduled at multiple Louisiana and Texas locations.
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Meet our Lead Instructor

Craig Nelson, Electrical Specialist
CESCP, CESW Certified

Craig Nelson is employed by JM Test Systems as an Electrical Specialist. His duties include technical support of the electrical test equipment and instruments sold, rented, calibrated or serviced by JM Test Systems. This support includes operation, applications and troubleshooting electrical equipment, and safety aspects of electrical testing. He also provides formal training in OSHA and NFPA 70E compliant electrical safety, and a variety of electrical test equipment- and trade-related subjects.

His qualifications and certifications include Journeyman Power Generation Electrician, Master Electrician – General Construction, U.S. Navy Construction Force (SEABEE) Master Chief Construction Electrician, Certified Electrical Safety Worker (CESW), Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (CESCP) and Level III Metrologist, along with extensive, wide-ranging studies and course work in the electrical field.

His experience includes overhead and underground line work in the power industry, power plant and substation maintenance, electrical testing and troubleshooting, and many other aspects of power generation, transmission and distribution work, and field experience with a very wide range of electrical test equipment and instruments.

Craig is a former power plant electrical foreman, electrical contractor, power systems test equipment applications engineer, calibration and service manager for electrical test equipment and instruments, manufacturing engineering manager, electrical safety and trade skills instructor, and retired U.S. Navy Seabee master chief with over 50 years of wide-ranging experience in the electrical industry.