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Discover our comprehensive and industry-leading training courses designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for a safe and efficient work environment. With a team of experienced instructors boasting various certifications, including CESCP, CESW, and NCCER, our courses are built on a foundation of expertise and professionalism. Choose from a range of courses tailored to your needs, including Electrical Safety Training for Qualified Electrical Workers, Non-Electrical Workers, Operators, and Natural Gas Measurement Fundamentals. Our customizable curriculum addresses specific facility requirements. Gain valuable certifications upon course completion, proving your expertise. Elevate your skills, safety, and career with our industry-leading training.


Electrical Safety Training Courses from the Experts

JM Test Systems Electrical Safety Training Courses translate OSHA and NFPA 70E regulations into terms you can use, and our experts show you how to put them into practice. All of the precepts and concepts of electrical safety are carefully explained, and both classroom and hands-on sessions assure that the skills and knowledge can be demonstrated to meet OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements.

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Electrical Safety Training for OSHA and NFPA 70E
Electrical Safety Training Classes


Typical Occupational Categories of Employees Facing a Higher Than Normal Risk of Electrical Accident:

  • Blue collar supervisors
  • Electrical and electronic engineers
  • Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers
  • Electrical and electronic technicians
  • Electricians
  • Industrial machine operators
  • Material handling equipment operators
  • Mechanics and repairers
  • Painters
  • Riggers and roustabouts
  • Stationary engineers
  • Welders

Workers in these groups do not need to be trained if their work or the work of those they supervise does not bring them or the employees they supervise close enough to exposed parts of electric circuits operating at 50 volts or more to ground for a hazard to exist.

Gas Measurement Training Courses from the Experts

Receive unparalleled training led by instructors with extensive industry experience in production, midstream, and transmission. Our experts have experience in system design, installation, calibration, and maintenance of measurement and analytical equipment. With their vast experience in developing procedures, auditing, and troubleshooting system balances, our instructors provide invaluable insights for optimal performance in the industry. This course will enhance your knowledge and skills in gas laws and physical behavior, natural gas chemistry, primary, secondary, and tertiary measurement devices, as well as meter classifications and definitions of meters.

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