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Let Us Repair Your Utility Tools!

JM Test Systems comes from a utility background and we provide extensive tool repair capabilities. We serve the US with pick up and delivery services. Each certified repair technician is 100% trained to meet the ASTM 1910.269 testing standard on all hotline tools which require a dielectric test. All dielectric testing is performed in our repair centers by utilizing a 100KVA Hi-pot tester.


Hydraulic & Hand Tools Cleaning, Repair, Visual Inspection
Request a quote for repairs on tools including tampers, cable cutters, hydraulic impacts, hoists, and more.

Hot Arm / Cross Arm Extensions Rework
• Complete epoxy re-coat makes for impenetrable barrier from water, oil, dirt, contanimnates.

Load Busters
• S&C Electric
• Utility Solutions

Advanced RFID Asset Tracking
JM Test Systems will track your assets, certifications, and compliance records while your customized reporting is emailed to you.

Tracking Solution brings you up to date Real Time Data on your assets such as tools and safety equipment.

Pick up and delivery services available.

If your tools cannot be repaired, let us sell you brand new tools and we will waive the evaluation fee.

Tools repair in Baton Rouge LA and Mattoon IL
Mechanical and Chain Hoist Tool Repair
Battery Powered Tool Repair
Hydraulic Tool Repair Services
Fiberglass Hot Stick Tool Repair
Factory trained technicians for the following:
• FCI Burndy• Stanley Hydraulics
• Burndy / Hubbell• Coffing Hoists
• Huskie Tools• Little Mule / Columbus McKinnon
• Greenlee / Textron• Von Corporation
• Fairmont / Textron• Reliable Equipment
• Ingersoll-Rand• S&C Electric Co.
• Cembre


• Alcoa Tools• Greenlee / Fairmont
• Anderson Tools• Hastings Fiberglass
• Blackburn• Hit Tools
• Burndy• Huskie Tools / Hook
• Coffing Hoist• Ideal
• Echo• Kearny
• Go-Lite• Lowell Mfg.
• Little Mule• Oshkosh Tools
• Lug-All• Oshkosh Tools
• Salisbury• HK Porter
Tool Repair Services - Locations in Louisiana Texas and Illinois

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