Corning VFL-350 Visual Fault Locator

VFL-350 Visual Fault Locator – A compact pen design fault locator used to check single-mode and multimode optical fiber cables and components for faults or to locate individual fibers in a bundle. By transmitting a bright beam of red light into a fiber, breaks or improper terminations can be seen as a glowing red light. This device fits all 2.5 mm connector ferrules and is ideal for field installation of UniCam® MT-RJ and LC Connectors containing the continuity test set (CTS) feature. There is an optional 1.25 mm adapter for the LC connectors. The VFL-350 operates on two AAA batteries and emits laser light of 635 nm (LASER Class 2 in accordance with IEC 825-2) with an output power less than 1mW. The robust and compact metal housing makes the device suitable for daily on-site use.

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