Dynamometer Calibration Services

Dynamometer Calibration Services

Properly maintained dynamometers are essential to the accuracy of measurements and safety of employees and equipment. Make yearly calibration of dynamometers at JM Test Systems part of your maintenance plan. With over 20 years of experience in force measurement using state-of-the-art equipment, JM Test Systems has proudly served oil and gas pipeline, electrical, utility contractors, transmission and distribution, aviation, marine and many other industries. Get a quick quote!

JM Test Systems is capable of calibrating and providing limited repair on mechanical or digital dynamometers and crane scales up to 100,000 lbf tension and compression. We have serviced manufacturers like Dillon, Chatillon, Eilon Engineering, MSI and more.

All dynamometers calibrated at JM Test Systems are certified to be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), verifying the tools our customers trust and giving them confidence their job was done right.

Dynamometer Calibration Services

Dynamometer Rental

Quick shipping options are available on our Chatillon and Dillon rental units. Each unit is certified in our calibration lab prior to being sent to you. Options include weekly and monthly rates.

New Purchase

Looking to purchase a new unit? We can provide a quote on several models based on your application. Both Chatillon and Dillon Dynamometers are available for purchase.

Our technicians have decades of combined experience and vast knowledge on the parts, standards, and processes used. JM Test provides several pricing structures for rapid turnaround on equipment.


Below is a sample list of makes and models we calibrate:

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Dillon ED-2000-2 Digital Dynamometer calibration
MSI MSI-7200/10000LBS Digital Dynamometer calibration
MSI MSI-7200/2000LBS Digital Dynamometer calibration
Measurement Systems International MSI-7300 Calibration
Dillon ED 2000 20 Digital Dynamometer calibration
Dillon ED-2000 PLUS Digital Dynamometer calibration
Eilon Engineering RON 2000 2T dynamometer calibration
Eilon Engineering RON 2000 dynamometer calibration 50T
DYNALINK MSI-7200 Electronic dynamometer calibration
Eilon Engineering RON 2000 dynamometer calibration 10T
Eilon Engineering RON 2125 dynamometer calibration 15T
Chatillon WT-10 Dynamometer calibration 1000 LBS
Chatillon DT-5 Dynamometer calibration 20000 LBS
Chatillon WT-12 Dynamometer calibration
TRACTEL DYNAFOR LLX 25t Dynamometer calibration
Chatillon TD-5 Dynamometer calibration
Enerpac TM-5 Dynamometer calibration
Dillon AP 5000 LB. Dynamometer calibration
Dillon AP 20000 LB. Dynamometer calibration
Chatillon WT12-5000 Dynamometer calibration
Dillon 0-15000 LBS Dynamometer calibration
Dillon 0-30000 LBS Dynamometer calibration
Tractel Dynafor LL-2T Dynamometer calibration
MSI MSI7200 Dynamometer calibration
Dillon AP 6000 LBS. Dynamometer calibration
Dillon AP 10000 LBS. Dynamometer calibration
Dillon AP 2000 LBS. Dynamometer calibration
Dillon EDXTREME Digital Dynamometer calibration
Command GDAT-0001 DRAWBAR 10K lbs Dynamometer calibration
Chatillon WT12-1000 Dynamometer calibration
Dillon AP500 Dynamometer calibration

Dynamometer Calibration Service Quote Request

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