Megger Calibration & Repair
Authorized Service Center

“Megger” has become a generic trademark for most insulation testers as well as other units out in the field. But the “Megger” trademark has been held by its company for decades, a company that continues to grow and produce reliable products. And now, JM Test is an Authorized Service Center for Megger, one of a select few in the United States. JM is now able to service another group of stalwart products and provide equally reliable services for many instruments. Send us your equipment list to request a quote for our Megger calibration service and/or Megger repair.


Our Megger Calibration Experience and History

Having been in business since 1982, JM Test has over three decades of successful electronic repair and troubleshooting experience on a vast array of test equipment both new and obsolete and has accumulated a library of schematics and troubleshooting notes to aid in efficient and proven repair work. Aside from being certified to work on megger test instruments, JM has a high voltage laboratory that does accredited calibration and works many instruments including: hipots, relay test sets, circuit breaker test sets, resistance meters, analog meters, thumpers, surge testers, TTR’s, cable fault locators, phase rotation meters, battery impedance testers, ground test sets, ammeters, clamp meters, VLF’s, tan delta capacitance testers, appliance testers, tool testers, high current test sets, bucket truck testers, holiday detectors, and jeep meters. To name a few.


for our Megger calibration service and/or Megger repair.

What JM Test Systems is offering

Under the Megger calibration authorized service agreement JM Test can service insulation testers, micro ohmmeters, multi-function meters, ground testers, and oil cup testers (Oil Tan Delta), all of the 5kv megohmmeters, 10kv megohm-meters, DLRO’s insulation resistance testers, high performance diagnostic insulation testers, time domain reflectometers, multifunction insulation testers, and portable appliance testers. Some of the instruments may be labeled under AVO, Biddle, or Avo Biddle, Programma, and Multi-amp, but JM Test can service them nonetheless.

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Our Megger calibration & repair services include:
Megger Tester Calibration

With a dependable turnaround time JM Test is proud to offer authorized service on the following Megger products:
▪ MIT 200 Series, MIT 300 Series, MIT 400 Series
▪ MIT400/2 Series
▪ S1-568, S1-1068
▪ MIT 5Kv Series, MIT 10Kv Series
▪ MIT 515, MIT 525
▪ MFT 1700, MFT 1800
▪ PAT100 Series, PAT300 Series, PAT400 Series
▪ TDR 3000 Series
▪ OTS New Series
▪ DLRO 10, DLRO 10X, DLRO 10HD
▪ DLRO 200, DLRO 600, DLRO 100

Megger Tester Rental

Looking for rental units? JM Test has a large selection of rental equipment including megger rental units. Available options include the Megger MIT1025, Megger MIT1525, Megger DET3TC, and more.

Items are generally in stock at multiple locations with pickup or quick delivery options available. Use the form on this page to contact us with any questions you may have on Megger calibration, rental, or repair.

JM Test Systems is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited by A2LA.

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ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation is your assurance that our work meets the highest standards including:

  • Documented and controlled procedures
  • Controlled calibration environment
  • Trained technicians
  • Traceability with standards of suitable accuracy