Hot Sticks

JM Test Systems is an authorized stocking distributor of Salisbury, Hastings, and Utility Solutions BLUE STRIPE® electrical hot sticks. Beyond your initial equipment purchase, JM can repair, test and certify your hot sticks inventory.

Hot Sticks by Salisbury, Hastings, and Utility Solutions

Hot sticks, also known as electrical sticks / hotsticks, feature a high quality, foam filled, fiberglass reinforced plastic tube providing maximum insulation and mechanical strength. They are lightweight and easy to handle.

Clamp Sticks comply with ATSM F711 standards

  • Tough Thermoplastic head ferrule
  • EZ Grip non-conductive plastic hand grip
  • Wide opening 15/16″ stainless steel hook
  • Heavy Duty rubber end caps
  • Available from 4′ 8″ to 14′ 8″ long

Switch Sticks & Universal Sticks

  • With permanently mounted bronze head
  • With permanently mounted aluminum universal head
  • With permanently mounted fiberglass prongs

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Hastings Telescoping Hot Stick - ST-235 available at JM Test Systems

Hastings Telescoping Hot Sticks (Electrical Sticks)

  • For opening and closing disconnect switches
  • Replacing fuses on transformers
  • Pruning tree limbs
  • Fluorescent green tip section is highly visible and has a foam core
  • Several models and lengths available
  • View PDF on the Hastings Telescoping Hot Sticks
  • HV-235

    Hastings Tele-O-Pole II - HV-235 available at JM Test Systems

    Hastings Tele-O-Pole II

  • Triangle shape enables each section to “lock in automatically”, no need to search for the button
  • Fluorescent green tip section is highly visible and has a foam core
  • Sections can be removed or added to make the stick the preferred length. Ex: HV-235 remove 4 sections to make it 20ft instead of 35ft
  • Ergonomic design gives the operator a better gripping surface for better control
  • All sections have a smooth glossy surface for routine cleaning and waxing
  • View PDF on the Hastings Tele-O-Pole II
  • 567-4

    Hastings Tele-O-Pole II - HV-235

    Hastings Switch Head Stick - 460-4 available at JM Test Systems

    Hastings Disconnect Head Stick 461-4 available at JM Test Systems

    Hastings Insulated Head Stick 501-4 available at JM Test Systems

    Hastings Universal Head Stick
  • Can adapt with any universal tool found in the Hotstick Accessories Section

  • Hastings Switch Head Stick
  • Switch heads are made of bronze
  • Designed to NEMA standards

  • Hastings Disconnect Head Stick
  • Heavy duty
  • For large switches and disconnects

  • Hastings Insulated Head Stick
  • For confined spaces and tight switch gear
  • Prong is made of solid fiberglass material

  • View PDF on the Hastings Universal Head Stick, Switch Head Stick, Disconnect Head Stick & Insulated Head Stick
  • 8104

    Hastings Fixed Length Shotgun Stick with Internal or External Operating Rod - 8104 available at JM Test Systems

    Hastings Fixed Length Shotgun Stick with Internal or External Operating Rod

  • View PDF on the Hastings Fixed Length Shotgun Stick with Internal or External Operating Rod
  • EV-30

    Hastings Combination Hot Stick (Tel-O-Pole II) and Measuring Stick - EV30 - available at JM Test Systems

    Combination Hot Stick (Tel-O-Pole II) and Measuring Stick

  • Open and close switches, disconnects, line fuses, cut outs, as well as measure elevated heights
  • Eye-level reading, no calculations required, the read-height is shown at the top of the base section
  • Markings are printed in large easy to read numbers
  • English models are in feet and inches
  • Metric models are in meters and centimeters
  • View PDF on the Combination Hot Stick and Measuring Stick.
  • HV-208

    Hastings Bucket Sticks and Canisters HV-208 available at JM Test Systems

    Hastings Bucket Sticks and Canisters

  • Stick collapses below lip of bucket
  • Bucket sticks are available in 8’ and 12’
  • Light weight bucket storage canister available for both models
  • Snap on lid secured with lanyard
  • View PDF on the Hastings Bucket Sticks and Canisters
  • Hot Sticks and Power Line Tools Testing and Repair

    Full reconditioning of extension hot sticks, single sticks, shotguns, and utility switch sticks. JM Test’s electrical lab services for linemen, utility worker, and contractor equipment help avoid safety hazards.

    Hot Stick Repair

    Hot Stick Cleaning

    OSHA regulations 1910.269(j)(2)(i) “Condition of tools” states: “Each liveline tool shall be wiped clean and visually inspected for defects before use each day“. Having your sticks cleaned is essential when it comes to your safety. Your equipment will need to be cleaned so that the surface condition has had all contaminants removed before testing. The contamination on a hot stick surface comes from many different sources, such as:
    1. Carbon tracking and marks from conductor
    2. Rain, wind, snow, and other weather
    3. Daily dirt and greases from storage

    Hot Stick Dielectric Testing

    Dielectric testing and certified to meet ASTM standards

    • Testing your hot line tools is required to keep in compliance with OSHA regulations.
    • Hot sticks recommended testing time is every 12 months.
    • JM Test Systems provides original certified test reports delivered with equipment.
    • Hot sticks are tested to ASTM F711 Standard, and OSHA 1910.269(j).
    • JM will test and tag each individual piece of equipment with ID numbers.

    Hot stick visual inspection

    • Sticks must be visually inspected and cleaned daily before use.
    • Items must be stored properly by avoiding sunlight, ozone, and any chemical or substance that could damage the item.
    • Hot tools should be transported in special storage compartments, bags, or tubes.
    • Objectives of the visual inspection process are to identify any obvious damage, insulated integrity and mechanical functionality.
    • Must check for defects before use.

    Repair, Reconditioning and Re-glazing of hot sticks and other hot line tools

    • Save up to 50% on the cost of new equipment by letting us repair and refinish your fiberglass tools.
    • Cuts and scratches on fiberglass tools could allow water to get in resulting in conductivity.
    • If sticks are not maintained with wax the outcome could be fatal
    • Let us bring your equipment back to a “like new” condition
    • Allowing us to services your equipment regularly could result in extending the life of your hot sticks
      and more importantly, keep you safer.
    Hot Stick Testing
    Hot Sticks Cleaning

    Temporary hot arm extensions testing and rework.

    • Cleaning, Dielectric test, and Visual Inspection
    • Wax and refinishing
    • Replacement parts in stock such as eye bolts and nuts, conductor holders.
    • OSHA mandates arms must be tested and have a solid unicellular foam core.
    • Pick up and delivery services available.
    • Let us rework your fiberglass extension arms to keep you in compliance and keep you safe.

    Hot sticks surplus and accessories

    JM Test Systems carries a complete line of tools and attachments for virtually any application, from pruning to cleaning to sawing is available.

    You can save money by utilizing surplus parts in stock.

    Hot arm extension repair cleaning and inspection

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