Anritsu MT9085 Series OTDR – Access Master Kits

Anritsu MT9085 Series OTDR – Access Master Kits

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Kit Type

Basic, Deluxe, CATV


Single Mode, 38dB SMF (1310-1550nm), Single Mode, 42dB SMF (1310-1550nm), Single Mode, 45dB SMF (1310/1550nm), Single Mode, 42/41/41dB SMF (1310/1550/1490nm), Single Mode, 37 dB SMF (1310/1550/1625nm), Single Mode, 45dB SMF (1310/1550/1625), Quad Mode, 38dB SMF/28dB MMF (850/1300/1310/1550nm), Quad Mode, 42dB SMF/28dB MMF (850/1300/1310/1550nm)

Connector Type

FC-APC Connector Key Width 2.0mm, SC-APC Connector, FC Connector, ST Connector, DIN 47256 Connector, SC Connector


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Product Overview: Anritsu MT9085 Series OTDR – Access Master Kits

The ACCESS Master Anritsu MT9085 series is a compact handheld all-in-one tester for performing optical pulse tests, optical loss/power measurements, and optical fiber end-face inspections. It has a wide variety of applications, ranging from installation and maintenance (I&M) of trunk fibers (Core, Metro, Mobile Fronthaul, Mobile Backhaul) to troubleshooting Access networks, such as breaks in drop cables.

As well as keeping the intuitive operability of previous models using hard keys and rotary knob, the MT9085 has been upgraded with a wide, 8-inch, color, LCD touchscreen. The Fiber Visualizer function has also been taken to the next stage with at-a-glance confirmation of the optical fiber transmission path.

Anritsu MT9085 Optical Pulse Test (OTDR)

The optical pulse test measures the optical fiber transmission loss and fiber length as well as detects events, such as breaks in the fiber continuity. Both single-mode and multimode fibers are supported, and the product line includes support for various wavelengths matching the measurement environment. The easy-to-use Fiber Visualizer function uses two types of realtime sweep (high-speed, high S/N) to check the status of fiber connections and bends while monitoring the waveform; events on the fiber are detected with high accuracy (46 dB dynamic range max., 0.8 m dead zone) and loss is measured. The excellent waveform quality supports short to long-distance optical measurements, including PON and realtime measurement.

Optical Power/Loss Measurement

With a built-in light source and power and loss measurement functions, the all-in-one MT9085 series is ideal for confirming the status of optical fiber installations and fault conditions.

Optical Fiber End-Face Inspection

Optical fiber end-face inspection uses an external fiberscope option (sold separately) to display the condition of the optical connector ferrule end face on the screen of the MT9085 main unit. Optical fiber end-face inspection is important because not only do dirt and scratches on the ferrule face have a major impact on optical fiber circuit transmission quality, but they also prevent accurate optical pulse tests and measurement of optical loss and power.

Anritsu MT9083 and MT9085

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