Test Equipment Rental

JM Test System’s Test Equipment Rental Division offers one of the largest inventories for instrument & controls, as well as electrical, communications, gas detection, utility products, and mechanical test equipment in the industry.


Reduce Expenses

Renting allows you to get the test equipment you need for the exact amount of time you need it, providing significant savings over buying.

Reduce Down-Time

Our equipment arrives in perfect working order, however, if it should ever fail, we’ll handle it quickly so your project can remain on time.

Fight Obsolescence

Renting takes the headaches out of keeping up with industry changes, allowing you to increase your performance and accuracy efficiently.

Test Equipment Rental, Lease, or Rent to Own


Every instrument you rent, lease or rent to own from JM Test Systems is certified in our A2LA 17025 accredited calibration lab.

What’s included with your rental:

  • All applicable accessories
  • Current one-year calibration for every unit
  • Physical and Digital NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • As Found/As Left data on calibration paperwork
  • Same day swap outs
  • Annual re-certification for equipment


For more information call 800-353-3411, ext 4052 or use the form below.

One of the largest test equipment rental inventories in the industry

Customer Testimonials



“They are consistently on top of their game…”

“We rent, purchase and get test equipment calibrated from JM Test Systems. They always do a good job and they’re expeditious, too. They provide a service we need, and they’re very efficient at it. They are consistently on top of their game in all of their office, and they’re always pleasant to work with.”

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The Advantages of


Renting helps you control expenses and reduce management hassles. Give us a call at 800-353-3411, ext 4052 or use the contact form below.

Control Test Equipment Expenses

There is no reason to buy expensive test equipment that you only use occasionally. Renting allows you to get the test equipment rental you need for the exact amount of time you need it, providing significant savings over buying.

Reduce Storage Expenses

Renting can reduce costs by eliminating the need for storage buildings and areas as well as reduce manpower expense.

Reduce Repair & Recalibration Expenses

Because we take care of all rental test equipment maintenance, you do not have to worry about spare parts inventory, repair shops, repair technicians, or inventory maintenance records. Renting also lowers the costs associated with recalibrating equipment (people, logistics, storage).

Conserve Capital

Renting allows you to rent the test equipment you need, when you need it… allowing you to use your capital budget for other, more profitable projects or industrial equipment.

Inventory Control

Renting the exact test equipment you need for your projects at precisely the right time allows you to keep your inventory at a minimum ad reduce overall inventory cost.

Equipment Tracking Expenses

The continuous billing on rented equipment keeps it in the forefront and establishes personal accountability.

Reduce Down-Time

All test equipment rental items are newly calibrated and in perfect working order. However, if rented equipment should ever fail, JM Test Systems will handle it efficiently so you can keep your crews productive and your project on time.

Fight Obsolescence

New equipment, technology, software and hardware revisions that increase your performance and accuracy come out on a yearly basis. Renting takes the headaches out of keeping up with all of these changes.



Have a question you don’t see answered here?. Feel free to give us a call at 800-353-3411, ext 4052 or use the contact form below.

Does the equipment come calibrated?

Absolutely. All equipment is shipped with fresh 1 year calibration certificates with before and after data.

How long is the month/week or daily?

Daily rentals are available on selected items. 1 week equals seven days and one month equals 28 days.

When does my rental period start?

The rental period starts when the unit is shipped out from our facility. To get the most out of your rental be sure to take advantage of our early bird off rent. This will allow you to off rent a piece via email or phone call and save on your rental for up to 5 days. Click here to view.

When does my rental period end?

Rental period ends when the unit is received back at a JM Test facility or customers emails in for Early Bird off rent.

What if I need my item longer than anticipated?

If your one week job turns into a month or longer we only bill for the first week then pro rate the rest of the month. This allows some flexibility with our customers and makes it so they never pay more than a month.

Is there a discount on larger quantity rentals?

Absolutely. If you have a large volume of equipment or a job that will last a lengthy time period then we will work with your company to present rental prices that are advantageous to both parties involved.

What if I need something next day?

NO Problem. We understand having to mobilize for a job at the last minute and needing equipment no matter what time of day or night it is. This is why we have multiple drivers that work directly for JM Test Systems as well as local and national hot shot companies.

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Our commitment to accuracy, reliability, quality and service is what will make JM Test Systems stand out for you.

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Chris Melancon
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Rusty Rogers
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Katherine Villenurve
Inside Sales/Rental

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Lindsey Thurmon
Rental Operations Specialist

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Jessica Frentress
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Lauren Rodriguez
Rental Check Out Clerk

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Anthony Johnson
Rental Service Assistant

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Anthony Tuggle
Rental Check In Clerk

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Kala Williams
Rental AR Administrator

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Angie Houston

Angie Houston
Rental Billing Specialist

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JM Test Systems has stood behind their test equipment products and calibration services for 30 plus years. Our goal is to be the most reliable and easy-to-work-with vendor we can be, and these are not just empty words… it is a promise that we clearly spell out for you.

30+ Years of Experience and Expertise

We have 30 plus years in business and 184 years of practical technical and application experience.

Superior Products
in Stock

The products we provide are made of the highest quality parts from over 35 leading manufacturers.

Courteous Service
and Support

With over 350 personnel on staff, we guarantee your questions will be answered immediately.

Access to our Network of Partners

In addition our support, our partners are also there to assist with any technical issues.

No Unrealistic

We will always be honest, forthright, and realistic. A long-standing business relationship is our goal.

Superior Product Warranty

All products sold are warranted for a full year against manufacturing and material defects.

Rental Product Replacement

Any product failure will be immediately replaced with a newly tested and calibrated product.

Guaranteed Order Accuracy

Helping you get your project done on time and on specification is our highest priority.

Fast Shipping

We guarantee same day shipping on all orders placed before 1:00 PM Central Standard Time.


All equipment is recently tested, calibrated and certified by our in-house ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA lab.