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Find grounding cable cluster parts, create new & custom configurations, rent safety grounds, inspect, clean & test your existing grounds inventory – all with JM Test Systems

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From the cable to the clamp we have hundreds of products in stock.


Rent Safety Grounds

Rental rates are typically 90% less than the cost of purchasing.


Build Custom Grounds

Build your custom ground assembly quickly with our Custom Builder Tool.


Inspection & Repair

We clean, visually inspect, test, diagnosis, repair, and certify protective grounding sets.


A full service solution for your grounding cable needs

Grounds are built, repaired, and tested to ASTM Standards F855-09 and F2249-03(2009). All products are tested prior to shipping. Most grounding cable options can be tested, repaired and cleaned by our technicians.
Salisbury Grounding Cables
  • Quick Turnarounds Quick turnarounds are available for all stock items.
  • Custom Grounds Available Our custom grounds are built to your exact specifications.
  • Large Selection of Inventory From the cable to the clamp, we have hundreds of products in stock.
  • Lab Tested All grounds are tested by our NAIL Accredited laboratory prior to shipment
  • Pickup & Delivery JM Test offers pick-up and delivery service across Southern and Mid-West US.
  • Onsite Testing Available We come to you! Call us to inquire today.
  • ANSI/ASTM Compliant Testing in accordance to all ANSI/ASTM Standards.
Need a custom grounding cable in a hurry?
Why rent safety grounds from JM Test

No need to worry about maintenance, repairs or testing cost.

JM Test repairs, cleans and tests ground cables for continuity and resistance values before shipment.

Always in stock and ready to ship

Currently over 400 grounds in our rental inventory.

Get the configuration of cables required for your specific project.

JM Test carries a wide variety of clamps, cable sizes and lengths.

Shipping available nationwide.

JM Test offers fast shipping nationwide.

Renting grounds is often easier and faster.

Buying a new piece of equipment requires multiple people to approve and sign-off on. Renting grounds can alleviate these purchasing complications and keep your job on schedule.

They run a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Rental rates are typically 90% less than the cost of purchasing. There’s no reason to buy equipment that you only use occasionally.

Reduce storage space.

Grounds can be bulky and very heavy. Renting eliminates the need to store them at your jobsite or office facility. JM Test also provides a canvas carry bag for each set of grounds for easier transport.

Ground strap management is key to conducting a safe and event free major electrical outage. By partnering with one of our service providers, JM Test Systems, we were able to optimize the ground strap management process to reduce risk, lower cost, and improve efficiency of resources. Having JM Test Systems on site with mobile facilities outfitted with pre-tested ground straps and qualified personnel to manage and track grounds was a huge success. Through this partnership we were able to rent additional grounds instead of purchase, this saved thousands of dollars. Reduce time, manpower, and risk associated with transferring grounds from one asset to another, grounds were placed in a canvas bag with identification tags attached, logged into the tracking system, then placed in the field at point of use. JM Test System provided around the clock personnel to keep track of grounds as each was returned and / or checkout to maintain a solid custody trail ensuring all grounds were accounted for prior to equipment being energized.

The partnership with JM Test Systems is one example of how we were able to achieve our vision for an injury free and event free outage.

Lynell James | Project Manager (Consultant)

Grounding Cables, Clamps, Ferrules, Rods, Sleeves & More

A single source solution for high voltage, electrical grounding cable clusters and single assemblies. Rental options, custom builds, parts like clamps and covers, testing, cleaning, and inspection on all ground configurations.


Find the best name brands in grounding and jumpers at JM Test Systems.


Grounding Cable Inspection, Cleaning, & Repair

Our process of handling customers equipment follows the best suggested process, set forth by ASTM, the governing body over testing materials. Our process is as follows:


Connection Review

We review each part and their connections throughout the entire ground/jumper set.

Grounding jumper connection inspection
Ground clamp inspection


Clamp Inspection

Clamps are checked for functionality. If they fail, we can repair most clamps or replace them if one is too damaged.


Ferrule Check

Next, we check ferrules and ensure the connection between the clamp and the ferrule is solid and free of debris. (Dirty equipment can have a significant impact on the equipment’s ability to function properly.) The ferrule to wire connection is checked to ensure no cable is damaged or exposed. If there is an issue, we repair it.

Grounding cable ferrule inspection
Grounding cable inspection


Cable Inspection

Lastly, we check the entire length of the cable for damage to the insulation. We can repair minor damage, shorten the cable length to remove the damage, or replace the cable completely.


Equipment Test

After the visual inspection test, the equipment is tested under the procedures outlined in ASTM F2249 for grounds and ASTM F2321 for jumpers. If the equipment fails the testing, we start the process over and attempt to diagnose the exact issue in order to repair the problem part instead of replacing the entire set of equipment. We can probe each piece of the set and determine if just a single ferrule is bad, both ferrules, a connection isn’t quite right, or that the cable is too degraded, ect. JM Test is able to service, repair, or replace all parts in house via our highly trained technicians.

ASTM testing on grounding cables
Grounding Cable Inspection and Certification Tag to ASTM F2249


Tags Put On

All items are labelled with calibration tags to clearly show the calibration date and any ID numbers provided by the customer.

Before and after grounding cable repair and certification

Salisbury Grounding Cable Accessories

Electrical Ground Clusters and Single Grounds

∙ Black, Yellow, or Clear

Grounding Clamps

∙ Duck Bill
∙ Dead Front Grounding
∙ “C” Clamp
∙ Ball and Socket
∙ Covers
∙ Ball Studs
∙ Flat Jaw


∙ Aluminum Shrouded
∙ Aluminum Unshrouded
∙ Crimped
∙ Copper Unshrouded
∙ Copper Shrouded

Salisbury grounding cable accessories
Grounding Cables

Grounding Cables are made with extra flexible strand of soft drawn #30 AWG (.01”) copper and are available in three different jackets.

Ground cable color options yellow black and clear

Grounding Cables are made with extra flexible strand of soft drawn #30 AWG (.01”) copper and are available in three different jackets.

The yellow thermoplastic elastomer jacketed cable is the standard for grounding service. It provides a combination of economy, flexibility, and durability. The service temperature ranges from 200º to -50ºF per ASTM F 855, Type I requirements.

The black thermoplastic elastomer jacketed cable has a smaller diameter and thinner jacket material giving it better flexibility than the yellow cable. The service temperature ranges from 200º to -50ºF per ASTM F 855, Type I requirements.

The PVC transparent flexible thermoplastic jacketed cable allows easy inspection for strand breakage. The flexibility decreases with low temperatures. The service temperature ranges from 140º to -40ºF per ASTM F 855, Type III requirements.

The silicone transparent flexible thermoplastic jacketed cable allows easy inspection for strand breakage. The service temperature ranges from 302º to -40ºF per ASTM F 855, Type I requirements.

Grounding Cable Checklist

Specify the clamps. Be sure that the clamp will meet or exceed the max amperage rating of the ground cable that it will be used with.

Specify the cable. Once the short circuit capacity of the system has been determined, choose the appropriate size cable. Specify the cable length, and the color of the jacket desired.

Specify the ferrules. The size of the ferrules must match the size of the cable that it will be used with. Specify Copper or aluminum and shrouded or non-shrouded.

Specify the options. List any optional equipment that is desired. This can include hanger studs, contact studs, heat shrink tubing, markings, clear strain relief, etc.

Accredited NAIL testing for grounding cables
Grounding Clamps

The clamps in any assembly can be identical or quite different depending on each grounding application. JM Test Systems stocks a wide variety of clamps for ALL applications. Clamps are offered in either bronze or aluminum alloys and are manufactured to meet the current specifications of ASTM F 855.

To attach a clamp to the grounding cable requires the use of a ferrule. Ferrules are compressed on the strands of the cable to provide a low resistance permanent connection. The size of the ferrule is determined by the size of the cable. Ferrules are manufactured to the specifications of ASTM F 855.

Grounding cable assembly diagram for ferrules and clamps
JM Test Systems is compliant with OSHA and NFPA standards including:
OSHA and NFPA standards
1926.962 – Grounding for the protection of employees
Application of personal protective grounds for employee protection
1926.963 – Testing and test facilities
NFPA 70E 2021
120.4 – Lockout/Tagout Procedures
Process for Establishing and Verifying an Electrically Safe Work Condition
250.3 – Safety Grounding Equipment


Custom Ground Configurations

Our Custom Builder Tool will help determine which grounding components you will need to meet your systems requirements. We keep thousands of pieces in stock in order to build your custom ground assembly quickly.