Mechanical Tool Repair
Chain Hoist Repair, Cutters, Crimpers, and More

JM Test Systems strives to provide the best service available for mechanical and chain hoist tool repair. We offer repairs on several types of tools such as hoists, hand cutters, saws, manual spearing tools, crimpers, and more. Broken or worn tools are carefully disassembled by our skilled technicians. Parts are replaced as needed and the original unit is cleaned and inspected. Final testing is completed on all units before returning your tools. JM is your complete mechanical and chain hoist tool service solution. Instead of buying a new unit, save money by requesting a repair quote today.

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Tool Repair Warranty Service
Tool Repair for Multiple Brands
Mechanical Tool Repair Warranty CenterTool repair for Greenlee, Huskie, and Stanley Tools
Chain Hoist Tool Repair

Cleaning, Repair, Visual Inspection, Total Reconditioning of Your Tools

Factory trained technicians for the following:

  • FCI Burndy
  • Burndy/Hubbell
  • Huskie Tools
  • Greenlee/Textron
  • Fairmont/Textron
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Cembre
  • Stanley Hydraulics
  • Coffing Hoists
  • Little Mule/Columbus McKinnon
  • Von Corporation
  • Reliable Equipment
  • S&C Electric Co.

We repair all types of mechanical tools

JM Test Systems can provide inspection, cleaning, repair, testing, and even reconditioning of our mechanical and chain hoist tools. We repair all types of mechanical tools with capability up to 16 tons including:

  • Ratchet Cutters
  • Hoists
  • Chain Hoists
  • Hand Crimpers
  • Manual Spearing Tools
  • Manual Ground Rod Drivers
  • Load Break Tools
  • Crimpers
  • Strap Hoists
  • Hand Cutters
  • Manual Compression Tools
  • Saws

Extended capabilities for all manufacturers on mechanical and chain hoist tool repair

We are a stocking distributor for all of the top names in the industry. Hundreds of parts are in stock in order to provide you with quick turn around times.

Mechanical Tool Repair
Klein Tool Repair
Part #Description
63700Cable Cutter
Hastings Tool Repair
Part #Description
10-665Bolt Cutters
9927Wire Cutters
21362Truck Grounding Reel
Chance Tool Repair
Part #Description
63700Cable Cutter
Huskie Tool Repair
Part #Description
10-665Bolt Cutters
9927Wire Cutters
21362Truck Grounding Reel


Certificate of Calibration and Datasheet for Hoists

JM Test Systems can repair and calibrate to manufacture standards traceable to NIST.


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