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JM Test Systems is pleased to offer pick up and delivery services for the safe handling of your test equipment. Call 1-800-353-3411 extension 3013 to speak with a company representative about scheduling a pick up or delivery.

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    We contacted JM Test about refinishing and testing our fiberglass temporary arms. They personally pick up our equipment and hand delivered the repaired and tested product in a very reasonable time frame. I feel that the price to do such repairs was very good as well!

    Steve Fortwendel | Southern Indiana Power

    I like the pickup and delivery service. I have a Crystal meter that was sent in for certification. A tab on the battery cover was broken. JM Test Systems replaced the cover instead of sending it back to me broken. It had been sent to Crystal many times before JM and they never fixed the battery cover.

    Bryan Landess | Texas Gas Transmission, LLC.

    I appreciate JM test systems. Great people to work with and very friendly. Always bring our material to us with a smile that keeps everyone in a happy mode.

    Joycie Wilson | BASF Chemical Plant

    Really like the drop off and pick up service saves me time and money from having to box and ship bulky test equipment.

    Adam Brewer | Air Products

    Great customer service and fast pickup and delivery! Keep up the great work!

    Amanda Wyatt | ITS

    We were having a hard time getting our equipment in to be tested. There are several of us in our work group. We cannot have all our equip. Gone at one time. While at ASGMT in Houston I talked to JM Rep at their booth. Within a few weeks of return home, I was going to send my equip. In when a field rep called, picked up my equipment and returned it.

    Dale Day | Atmos Energy