Calibration Trailer

We can customize your calibration trailer to your specifications. Applications for our portable calibration trailers and containers (seacan) include mobile workstations, offices, control rooms, instrument shop, storage break rooms, workshops, and more.



Calibration Trailer

Fabrication Section

Trailer Length:

Pull Type:

Calibration Trailer Hookup Type

Rubber Coin Flooring
36 inch Side Door
Calibration Trailer Rear Door Type

Interior Finish Options:

Electrical Section

240/120vac Main Circuit Breaker Box
Exterior Disconnect Switch for Power Connection
120vac 20A Receptacle(s)
Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner(s) w/ Heat
Shockproof 4 Foot LED Lamp(s)

Exterior lamps
Exterior 120vac 20A Receptacle(s)

Small Air Compressor

Interior Section

Custom Trailer Counter Front
Custom Trailer Counter Side
Custom Trailer Counter Back
12in Shelf Above Countertop
5 Drawer Heavy Duty Metal Cabinet(s)
3 Drawer Heavy Duty Metal Cabinets
1 Door Heavy Duty Metal Cabinet(s)
Heavy Duty Metal Shelving
Overhead Storage Cabinets
Wall Mounted Cylinder Rack (For Cylinders Out in the Open)
Cylinder Cabinet (For Cylinders Enclosed)
Sink with Pump, Fresh Water Tank & Waste Water Tank

Pressure Section

0-300 PSI Regulated Pressure w/ Analog Gauge
0-3000 PSI Regulated Pressure w/ Analog Gauge
120vac 20A Power Strip
24vdc Fixed Supply
0-30 PSI Regulated Pressure w/ Analog Gauge
-15/30 PSI Regulated Vacuum/Pressure w/ Analog Gauge
Replace Analog Gauges with Digital Gauges
30vdc 5A Variable Power Supply
5.5 Digit Multimeter
48vdc Fixed Supply
Want to add a Test Bench? Check the style you need, then click build it. The trailer and bench forms will need to be submitted separately.

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