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Discover the pinnacle of electrical safety testing with our comprehensive selection of HIPOT Testers, engineered to ensure the integrity of insulation in electrical equipment. Our catalog features a versatile array of HIPOT solutions, including AC HIPOTs for routine compliance testing, DC Dielectric Test Sets for diagnostic applications, and VLF (Very Low Frequency) HIPOTs, which are specifically designed for testing the reliability of cable insulation.

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HIPOT Tester Industrial Uses

Ensuring Electrical Safety: HIPOT testers are crucial in verifying electrical insulation in products and ensuring they are safe for use. They are widely used in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, cables, and components to prevent electric shock hazards.

Quality Control in Manufacturing: In the industrial manufacturing sector, HIPOT testers play a vital role in quality control. They are used to ensure that products meet safety standards and regulations, which is essential for maintaining brand integrity and consumer trust.

Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Beyond manufacturing, these testers are used in the maintenance of electrical systems. They help in identifying insulation breakdowns, preventing potential failures and accidents in industrial settings.

Compliance with Industry Standards: HIPOT testers are essential for industries to comply with various national and international electrical safety standards. They are used in testing a wide range of products, from small household appliances to large industrial machinery.

How HIPOT Testers Work

Basic Principle: The fundamental principle of a HIPOT tester is to apply a high voltage to a device’s insulation and measure the current that leaks through. This test helps in determining the adequacy of the insulation in protecting users from electrical shocks.

Test Process: In a typical HIPOT test, the device under test is connected to the tester. A high voltage, higher than the device’s operational voltage, is then applied. This voltage is maintained for a specific time to check the insulation’s ability to hold this stress without breakdown.

Measurement and Interpretation: The HIPOT tester measures the amount of leakage current flowing through the insulation. The results are then interpreted based on predefined standards – a low leakage current indicates good insulation, while a high leakage current suggests potential insulation failure.


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