Haefely Hipotronics 120KV AC Portable Hipot

Haefely Hipotronics 120KV AC Portable Hipot

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Product Overview: Haefely Hipotronics 120KV AC Portable Hipot

Haefely Hipotronics 120KV AC Portable Hipot

The HVT Series AC hipot testers are an economical solution to AC field-testing of vacuum interrupters, breakers, switchgear, and other electrical apparatus. Models 30HVT, 60HVT, 100HVT and 120HVT offer 30kV, 60kV, 100kV or 120kV respectively.

All models are handcart mounted for portability and come complete with input line cord, interconnecting cable and ground leads. The HVT series test sets are specifically designed to perform quick and accurate AC dielectric tests. The HVT dielectric testing equipment accurate voltage measurements using an internal high voltage divider, rather than less accurate primary metering.

The HVT series also features a triple range current meter in the return leg of the high voltage transformer for accurate current measurements. A guard circuit prevents stray or surface leakage from being measured by the current meter. To ensure safe operation the unit is equipped with a fast acting circuit breaker, zero start interlock, and provision for an external interlock.

120KV AC Portable Hipot Features:

•Compact portable hand cart design

•Zero start interlock

•Single ended grounded high voltage test transformer

•Separate guard and return

•Metering accuracy +/- 2% full scale

•Internal high voltage divider

•Triple range voltmeter

•Triple range current meter

•Fast-acting overload circuit breaker

•External interlock provision


•Ideal for field Testing: Compact, lightweight, and rugged makes it suitable for field-oriented applications

•Operator safety: Zero start and external interlock prevents high voltage from being energized until operator is ready

•Simple to use: A minimal amount of setup time and a simple control panel allows straightforward testing every time

•Accurate leakage current measurement: While guard circuit eliminates stray leakage currents


•Vacuum bottles

•Vacuum interrupters


•Hot sticks




•Hydraulic Hoses


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