Electrical Safety Training Course for Operators

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Product Overview: Electrical Safety Training Course for Operators

Electrical Safety Training Course for Operators


This training course enables attendees to understand, as an operator, the risks associated with their job and how to minimize those risks as well as how to work safely around energized electrical equipment or that could become energized, but that does not have exposed energized electrical circuits or components. Operators will be informed of what tasks they may or may not be qualified to do and the risks associated with those tasks. The attendees will learn how to recognize what risks are present when operating circuit breakers, motor starters and switches, and how to do so safely. In addition, they also will learn how to avoid dangerous situations, how to safeguard themselves against injuries, learn the safety standards and regulations that affect them, and to know what the correct precautions are to reduce or eliminate hazards and avoid accidents that may lead to injury or death.


  • Hazards of electricity including shock, arc flash and arc blast
  • OSHA’s electrical safety-related work practices regulation as it applies to non-electrical workers
  • How to work safely in an electrically hazardous environment
  • Operation of switches, motor starters, circuit breakers, sectionalizers and disconnects
  • Electrical Lockout/Tagout procedures
  • Proper identification, application, limitations, wear and care of PPE
  • Applicable OSHA regulations and NFPA 70E requirements for non-electrical workers
  • The safe approach distances for arc flash and shock

Workers can be unqualified according to OSHA’s and NFPA 70E’s definition of an electrically qualified worker, but still be required to perform duties that require operating electrical equipment and performing lock out/tag out procedures. Therefore, this course provides the training necessary for an operator to work safely in performance of their duties in an electrically hazardous environment.

This training will not qualify employees to work within the limited approach boundary of exposed, energized electrical circuits or components, or those that could become energized, but will qualify them to work within the arc flash boundary. This training also will provide training or refresher training for lock out/tag out procedures as specified in NFPA 70E.

Safe electrical practices are just as important for operators as they are for qualified electrical workers because in the performance of their duties, they will still be exposed to the dangers of electricity, although they will be primarily arc flash hazards rather than shock hazards. The objective of this training is learning to recognize all electrical hazards, how best to avoid them and to work safely around electrical parts and equipment that are or may become energized.


Industrial plant operators, power plant operators, shift supervisors and any other personnel who may interact with or are responsible for operating electrical equipment, but are not exposed to energized electrical circuits or tasked to work on them. Personnel who would otherwise not be considered a qualified electrical worker by OSHA’s or NFPA 70E’s definition, but are required to perform switching operations as part of their job description.


Course Length: 1 day (8 contact hours) based upon a class size not to exceed 24 participants