Instrument Test Bench

Test safety & critical controls equipment, pressure transmitters, switches, solenoids, gauges, and more. With every quote requested you will receive a detailed drawing.  Below you can review the various applications and benefits for having a custom instrument test bench in your shop.

Enter your input power and contact information below to request a Standard Instrument Test Bench Quote. You can also check/uncheck each option to customize your instrument workbench to your company’s exact specifications.



Instrument Test Bench


  • Test all safety & critical controls equipment
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • RTD Transmitters
  • Thermocouple Transmitters
  • PSIA Transmitters
  • Pressure Switches
  • Temperature Switches
  • Solenoids
  • Gauges
  • Continuity
  • Valve Positioners
  • Controllers
  • DC Signals
  • Vac Transmitters
  • Electronic Switches
  • Power Supplies
  • Transducers

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  • It saves you time! Allows users to test instruments prior to installation with accurate instruments.
  • Prevents possible safety hazards by performing calibrations prior to climbing scaffolding or going into a possible hazardous location.
  • Panel will allow users to test multiple pressure ranges with better accuracy at one station rather than pulling multiple pieces of equipment out to the field to perform test.
  • Users will also have accurate control of vacuum input for doing PSIA transmitters.
  • Some of the above instruments have to be calibrated using multiple instruments. With a custom bench, all these instruments are at your finger tips.
  • Every instrument on the bench is calibrated all in one place.
  • Plant air supply run to bench with control through low pressure gauge and blow down nozzle.
  • Controlled environment for performing testing of all safety and critical controls equipment.
  • Impress auditors, visitors or potential customers at your shop by having a central location for calibration.
  • Improves overall shop cleanliness, organization and presentation.
  • Allows for accountability of test equipment by being mounted in panel. Cannot easily be removed.

Instrument Test Bench Quote Request

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Test Panel Section

24 Volt Indicator
Loop Powered Meter
24V Power Supply Jacks
Plug strip options of 120VAC, 240VAC Shuko, and 240VAC type G

24vdc solenoid test
120 vac solenoid test
120 VDC Electrical Test Bench Solenoid
240vac Solenoid Test Circuit
24vdc Continuity Test (Audible & Visual)
5.5 Digit Multimeter Fluke 8808A Bench Mount
Variable DC power supply
High Range Variable AC/DC Power Supply
250 Ohm Precision Load Resistor
AC Leakage Current Tool Tester Motor Test Bench Options

Function Generator
Digital Oscilloscope Test Bench Mount

Table Top & Base

Instrument Stand - (Clamps in Vise)
Vise 5.5in mounted on electrical test bench
Cylinder rack on instrument test bench
Left Base/Stand
Test bench stand with casters

Right Base/Stand
Drawer - Stand Options for Electrical Test Bench Stand

Pressure Ranges

High Pressure Instrument Test Bench
300psi Instrument Testing Workbench
Vacuum Pressure Control and Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pressure Control and Vacuum Pump


15,000 PSI (1034 Bar) Hydraulic Gauge Cal System

Hydraulic Hand Pump 6,000 PSI (400 Bar)

-6 to 6 PSI Test Pump – resolution: 0.1 Pa(0.001 mbar)
Low Pressure Test Pump
-6 to 6 PSI Test Pump – resolution: 0.1 Pa(0.001 mbar)
Low Pressure Test Pump

Instrument Air Pressure Booster 150 PSI (10.34 Bar) Input/ 4,000 PSI (275.79) Bar Output
50 PSI Regulator Output Supply
I/P Current to Pressure 4-20mA Input/ 3/15 PSI


10,000 PSI 689.48 Bar Hydraulic Deadweight Tester
3000 psi 200 Bar Pneumatic Hand Pump with instrument test bench
Instrument test bench temperature calibrator
Blow down port regulator
Nitrogen Regulator
Decade Box RTD Simulator
Overhead Light Bench Mount
Under console lamps
Ralston instrument fitting kit test bench add on

Metric sets are available

Basic Tool Box Set
Intermediate 167pc Tool Box Set
Master 352pc Tool Box Set
30 Pc Insulated Electrician Tool Package
Electrical Test Bench Switchboard Matting
Instrument Test Bench Multifunction Calibrator and Communicators
NOTE: If you are unsure which items you need, uncheck this section and we can assist you. If you have your own unit to mount, please provide the make and model in the final notes section.

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