Electronic Test Bench

You will receive a detailed drawing of your electronic test bench with your quote request. Customize the included components to meet your company’s specifications. This custom diagnostics and repair bench can help troubleshoot and repair electronic components and integrated circuitry. Consider the advantages of having all of your electronics testing and repair devices all in one convenient location.



Electronic Test Bench


  • Electronics Design and Manufacturing
  • Research & Development
  • Troubleshooting & Evaluation of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Component Diagnosis
    – Transistors
    – Diodes
    – Resistors
    – and More
  • Voltage/Resistance/Current Measurements
  • Many Different Circuit and IC types including
    – Amplifiers
    – Oscillators
    – RF Transmitters
    – Electronic Switches


  • Saves you time! Allows users to analyze circuit boards and other electronic elements prior to assembling.
  • All the instruments on the electronics test bench are calibrated and located in one place.
  • Great unit to have for training purposes.
  • Impress auditors, visitors and/or possible customers at your facility.
  • Improves overall facility cleanliness, organization, and presentation.
  • Allows for accountability of test equipment by being mounted in the panel.

Electronic Test Bench Photo Gallery:

Electronic Test Bench Quote Request

Electrical Section

Plug strip options of 120VAC, 240VAC Shuko, and 240VAC type G

24vdc solenoid test
120 vac solenoid test
120 VDC Electrical Test Bench Solenoid
240vac Solenoid Test Circuit
24VDC Continuity Test
Under console lamps
24V Power Supply Jacks
24vdc Panel Indicator
Variable DC power supply
Huntron Tracker
Digital Oscilloscope Test Bench Mount
5.5 Digit Multimeter Fluke 8808A Bench Mount
Function Generator alt="Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator Test Bench Mount"/>
10 digit RF frequency counter workbench mount
Decade Box RTD Simulator

Additional Options

Overhead Light Bench Mount
250 Ohm Resistor

ETI Variable AC/DC Power Supply 0-560VAC/0-7.2A & 0-480VDC/0-7.2A
Handheld Logging Multimeter

Calibrator Section

Multifunction Calibrator

Bench Section

Butcher Block Countertop w/ Neoprene Rubber:

Vise 5.5in mounted on electrical test bench
Left Base/Stand
Test bench stand with casters

Right Base/Stand
Drawer - Stand Options for Electrical Test Bench Stand

Circuit Board Holder for workbench
LED Magnifier Lamp for workbench

Bench Accessory Section

Metric sets are available

Electronic Technician 51pc Tool Set
Electronic Technician 86pc Tool Set
Electronic Technician 89pc Tool Set
Digital Soldering Station
Soldering - Desoldering Station - Motor Test Bench Add-on.jpg
650W Hot Air Station
Video Microscope With Monitor Electronic Test Bench Mount
Electronic Test Bench Top Mat with Wrist Straps

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