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PIECAL Multifunction Calibrators available at JM Test Systems

PIECAL RTD Calibrators available at JM Test SystemsPIECAL Thermocouple Calibrators available at JM Test Systems

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PIECAL Milliamp (mA) Calibrators available at JM Test Systems

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PIECAL Calibrators – Accurate, Rugged, Reliable and Easy to Use!

Made in USA

This Evolutionary NEW GENERATION of calibrators are Accurate, Rugged, Reliable and EZ as PIE to Use! They are capable of reading and/or sourcing milliamps, voltage, temperature (RTD or Thermocouple) and Frequency. And PIE is the home of the only calibrators with patented Loop Diagnostic Technology!

PIECAL Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that designed and built the calibrators now manufactured by Fluke* under the Altek* label.

The Evolution line provides improvements over other brands including rubber boots with tilt stand, backlit displays with larger digits, rugged switches and battery compartments for fast battery changes.


Evolution 334


A current leakage in a process loop, sometimes referred to as a ground fault condition, can be one of the most difficult and frustrating problems to diagnose. Often caused by incorrect grounding, corrosion or moisture, a current leakage will appear as a zero shift in calibration of the loop transmitter. Using a Loop Diagnostic Calibrator from PIE allows you to instantly read this current leakage. This will save you hours of unneeded calibration and troubleshooting.

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