Calibration Laboratory Capabilities 

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Does new test equipment need to be calibrated?
Why Calibrate Test Equipment?

Pressure / Vacuum / Test Equipment

Gauges – Process, Test & Precision (absolute to 15,000 PSI)
Pneumatic Calibrators
Hand Pumps – Hydraulic, pneumatic and vacuum
Vacuum Pumps / Vacuum Variators
Manometers – (We stock mercury and specific gravity fluids)
Deadweight Testers – pneumatic or hydraulic
Digital Pressure – indicators / calibrators (absolute to 15,000 PSI)
Pressure Switch Calibration
Pressure Transmitters / Transducers
Pneumatic Controllers

Temperature / Thermometer calibration solutions to an accuracy of 0.002 degrees C utilizing a Hart Scientific Super Thermometer Model 1575ATOP

Temperature Test Equipment

Temperature / Thermometer Calibration

Thermocouple Calibrators
Thermocouple Probe Calibration / Verification
RTD Calibrators
RTD Probe Calibration / Verification
Resistance Decade Simulators
Dry Block Calibrators – (Temperature Baths)
Sand Baths – (Temperature Baths)
Oil Baths – (Temperature Baths)
Thermometers – Glass, RTD, Thermocouple, Thermisitor & Infrared Types
Temperature Switch Calibration
Temperature Transmitters
Repair / calibration Jofra dry block calibrator.Temperature Controllers


Electrical Test Equipment

Insulation Testers – Megger’s
Hi Potential Testers – Hipot’s AC/DC to 200 kV
Dielectric Testers  –  Oil Breakdown Testers
Impulse Testers – Thumpers
Low Ohm Resistance Testers
Earth Ground Resistance Testers
Circuit Breaker Test Sets to 100,000A
Surge Comparison Testers – Motor Winding Insulation Testers
Voltage and Current Recorders
High voltage AC/DC Hipots - Calibration and certificationVolt Meters – analog and digital
Phase Angle Meters, Phase Indicators
Power Quality Analyzers
Relay Test Equipment
Transformer Test Equipment
Oil Analysis Test Equipment
Motor Drives and Motor Control Devices
Welding-load banks, welding machine testing




Megger repair / calibration / certificationElectrical Safety Test Equipment

Hot Sticks
Electrical Gloves
Lift Truck Bucket Liners
Electrical Ground Clusters
Rubber Footwear




Electronic Test Equipment

Process Instrumentation Calibrators – current, voltage, resistance and multifunction
Frequency Devices – counters / timers, generators, oscillators, calibrators, modulation meters
Digital Multi Meters
Oscilloscopes / Scope Meters
Distortion Analyzers
Power Supplies, UPS / UPS Systems
Smart Communicators
Decade Resistance Simulators
Capacitance Meters / Simulators
Multimeters / Clamp-On – bench or hand held
Meter Calibrators – (High Performance Standards Calibration)
Resistance Standards
Voltage Standards
Watt VAR Calibrators, Watt VAR Transducers
Cable Testing Equipment – TDR’s / length meters / fault locators
Panel Meter Repair – analog or digital
Electronic Controllers / Control Instrumentation
Recorders / Data loggers – Current & Voltage
Time Domain Reflectometers – TDR’s
Alarm Systems
Video Test Equipment


RF and Microwave Communication Equipment

Spectrum Analyzers
PIM Testers (Anritsu,
Kaelus, Summit, Rosenberger)
Signal Sources
Network Analyzers
Power Meters – and power meter mounts
Watt Meters – up to 125 Watts
Frequency Counters
Modulation Analyzers
Futronics GMDSS tester


RF Communication Test Equipment

Communications / IFR Radio Service   Monitors (Analog and Digital)
Radio Test Sets (AM/FM, CDMA, TDMA, GSM/EDGE, APCO 25)
Transmission Test Sets
Selective Level Meters
Cable and Antenna Sweepers
BER Test Sets
Video Test Equipment

Futronics GMDSS tester



Optical / Fiber Optic Test Equipment Super micrometer used for calibration of standard rods up to 80'' in length

Power Meters
Light Sources
Light Meters / Illumination Meters
Theodolites, Transits and levels



Mechanical / Dimensional Test Equipment

Dimensional Measuring Tools – Micrometers, Indicators, Calipers, Height Gages, Gage Blocks, Standard Rods
Gage block calibration complete with traceable dataTorque Wrenches / Torque Calibrators (up to 2,000 ft.-lbs.)
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Vibration Equipment – Vibration Meters, Vibration Balances and Simulators (shaker tables) Transducers – Accelerometers, Velocity, Displacement, Force
Gas Detection – Alarms, Combustible or Toxic Gas Monitors / Explosion (LEL) Meters
Tachometers / Strobes – Digital and Mechanical
Tank Gauges – Gauge Tapes (liquid level)
Mass Calibration – Weights, Weigh Scales, Balances
Force Tension or Compression (100k) – Dynamometers, Force Gauges, Load Cells


Torque wrench repair and calibration up to 2,000 foot pounds

Bio-Medical Test Equipment

ECG Simulators
Ultrasonic Watt Meters
Safety Analyzers
Patient Simulators
Defibrillator Analyzers
Oxygen Analyzers
Temperature Calibrators
Radiation Detection Equipment


ranarex gravitrometerOther Equipment / Measurement Capabilities

Moisture Analyzer Repair and Calibration
Gravitometer (specific gravity indicator) Repair and Calibration
Gas Flow Meters
pH Meters
Aircraft Weighing System Calibration
Navigational Radar Aid Test Systems Calibration
Air Data Test Set Calibration – Air Speed, Altitude, Mach,

Rate of Decline and Rate of Descent
Beacon Test Set Calibration
Welding-load banks, welding machine testing

JM Test Systems also provides on site instrument calibration and metrology services. Click here for more details.

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