JM Test Systems repairs and calibrates Starrett micrometers and calipers.

From toolroom to the home workshop, few tools are more useful and versatile than the slide caliper. Starrett has provided slide calipers to generations, beginning with exceptionally accurate vernier calipers (available in the 123 Series), to dial calipers, and finally the electronic calipers that have become predominant in recent years.

The Starrett family of micrometers include a very broad range of products, from the 0-1″ electronic or mechanical tools that are staples of everyday shop use, to tools for highly specialized applications.

The L.S. Starrett Company announces the introduction of completely new 795 and 796 Series’ of Electronic Micrometers. The new 795 and 796 micrometers combine Starrett precision and reliability with IP67 level protection from the foreign matter often present in hostile shop environments. In addition to being coolant and water resistant, 795 and 796 micrometers offer excellent protection against chips, dirt, dust and other contaminants.

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