Vaetrix eGauge 1 Digital Deadweight Obsolete

Obsolete – See Vaetrix HTG Series

Vaetrix eGauge 1 Up to 10,000 PSI Digital Pressure Gauge and Digital Deadweight. Hydrostatic Testing? Replace your chart recorders and deadweight with this single gauge.

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Product Overview: Vaetrix eGauge 1 Digital Deadweight Obsolete

Vaetrix eGauge 1 – Obsolete


Vaetrix eGauge1

Standard Gauge Includes:
1. 0.05% of Indicated Reading (IR) Accuracy
2. Calibration of transducer to advertised tolerances
3. Temperature Corrected 32 degrees F to 122 degrees F
4. Certification of conformance to customer’s Purchase Order
5. 11 point ISA 37.3 Calibration with data & NIST Certification
6. Vaetrix Chart Software & Instructions, 11 different eng units, baromeric, ambient temperature
7. Corrosive resistant Stainless Steel wetted parts
8. Model 16 Equipment Case(includes Return Authorization card and documents to
return instrument for service.)

State-of-the-Art display provides a large view area for ease of reading. The back light capability makes it ideal for field service even in low light conditions.


Unmatched performance, solid construction, accuracy and distinctive design all set this gauge apart from any other pressure gauge on the market.


Greater portability, much faster and more convenient to use than a deadweight tester. The gauge is more durable and reliable than the most expensive mechanical pressure gauges manufactured to date.


Powered by four AA batteries, the eGauge 1 is designed to deliver up to 250 hours of continuous, uninterrupted service. Thanks to its unique combination of low power consumption and high memory capacity in excess of 100,000 data points, the eGauge 1 is ideal for long-duration testing and logging of pressure and temperature conditions in field applications.


Vaetrix gauges are used throughout the oil and gas industry, with a reputation for excellence and performance under the most difficult conditions.


Vaetrix initiated the use of high accuracy digital pressure gauges in the field environment with its first gauge in 1976 and has continued to pursue the edge of technology.


The eGauge1 is the culmination of over 30 years of design, innovation, engineering and manufacturing digital pressure gauges for the oil and gas industry.

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