Hydrostatic Testing

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JM Test Systems provides hydrostatic testing equipment for pipe testing, pipeline construction, skid, vessel & tank fabrication. We strive to help pipeline contractors, mechanical & maintenance contractors, and fabrication shops find what they need with both purchase and rental options. Hydrotest products feature the Vaetrix “digital deadweight” eGauge and also include hydraulic deadweights, gauges, chart recorders, hydro pumps, & PRVs shipped to your job site.

What is hydrostatic testing?
Hydrostatic testing starts by filling a container designed to hold pressure. Vessels such as pipelines, pipes and other containers may need hydrostatic testing. You can pump liquids like oil or water, which are nearly incompressible, into the vessel. Once you achieve your required pressure using a hydrostatic pump, testing can begin. Chart recorders and deadweights are setup to measure the temperature and pressure. ISO, ASTM and ASME create the guidelines for pressure vessels requiring hydrostatic testing.

How to do hydrostatic testing?
JM Test provides equipment for both digital and mechanical test procedures. With mechanical testing, you will generally need a pump, a temperature chart recorder for the vessel, a temperature and pressure recorder for the testing agent, and a deadweight tester. JM Test also carries a complete line of “digital deadweight” tester gauges called Vaetrix. These gauges can simplify the testing process by charting all three required readings. This eliminates the need for a deadweight and two separate chart recorders.

Where to rent hydrostatic testing equipment?
JM Test provides rental equipment with nationwide delivery. Express shipping options are available on most items. You may use the website to submit your list of items for a rental quote or give us a call today.

Hydrostatic Testing Methods

JM Test Systems has a large inventory of hydrostatic testing equipment including pumps and pressure relief valves (PRVs). Our line of portable Vaetrix “digital deadweight” gauges can replace your bulky, hydraulic deadweight tester and chart recorders during pipeline testing. Use the form on this page to get a quote on everything you need.

Mechanical testing quotes include:
Pressure Relief Valve
Hydrostatic Testing Pump
Deadweight Tester
Temperature Chart Recorder
Temperature & Pressure Chart Recorder

Digital testing quotes include:
Pressure Relief Valves
Hydrostatic Testing Pump
Vaetrix eGauge1 “digital deadweight” & recorder

Deadweight VS eGauge for Hydrostatic Testing

Save time and money on hydrostatic testing with the eGauge. JM Test Systems is happy to announce our acquisition of the Vaetrix gauge line. These gauges act as precise electronic deadweight testers. A standard deadweight tester is specified as accurate to a tenth of a percent contingent on the tester being properly levelled and hooked into the system and providing that:

  • The pressure is in the upper 90% of its range
  • Weights are both unscarred and clean.
  • The operator is experienced, and the climate is such that they are willing to take all the time necessary to get an accurate reading using as few weights as possible.

JM Test Systems specifies the eGauge accuracy to be better than 0.1%. We guarantee that the total error (allowing for temperature shift) for any reading in the device’s range shall not exceed 0.1% of full scale regardless. The eGauge has proven itself in harsh environments under rugged handling as an accurate and dependable field service gauge.

The eGauge is designed to be used as:

  • A master calibration standard for the instrument department.
  • A traveling pressure standard for field inspectors or technicians.
  • A precision test device for use in industrial and research applications.
  • A precision pressure instrument for testing, setting, calibrating or repairing pressure measurement devices.

Hydrostatic Testing with a Deadweight

Hydrostatic testing with a deadweight
  1. Gently stack weights until piston reaches equilibrium against pressure.
  2. Add up pressure equivalents of the weights to get gauge pressure.
  3. Carefully open ball valve.
  4. Attach hose to test port.
  5. Add absolute pressure correction factor.
  6. Close ball valve and remove pressure fitting.
  7. Store weights and take down tester assembly.
  8. Level tester precisely.

Hydrostatic Testing with a “Digital Deadweight”

Hydrostatic testing with a gauge
  1. Turn Power ON
  2. Apply Pressure
  3. Read Pressure to 0.1% with full temperature compensation
  4. Turn Power OFF
Digital gauge for hydrostatic testing