Seaward 416A910 Solar Utility Pro Complete Kit

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Seaward 416A910 Solar Utility Pro Complete Kit

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Product Overview: Seaward 416A910 Solar Utility Pro Complete Kit

The latest advancement in PV testing comes from Seaward with their innovative Solar Utility Pro. This advanced tester not only meets the demand of the industry for a user-friendly and sturdy device with 1500V capabilities, but it also brings PV testing to new heights thanks to its cutting-edge features.

With the incorporation of highly efficient 1500V modules and inverters, Seaward has created a solution that addresses the industry’s need for an accessible and reliable tester with enhanced capabilities. The Solar Utility Pro boasts an impressive 40A current capacity, setting the standard in the market. This capability empowers the Solar Utility Pro to efficiently test parallel-wired strings, all the way up to an impressive 1500V / 40A. This eliminates the need to laboriously separate strings to comply with the lower limits of other testing instruments.

Operating the Solar Utility Pro is incredibly simple. A single press of the Test button generates readings for Open Circuit Voltage and Short Circuit Current. Furthermore, when coupled with the Seaward Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter, this device can also capture irradiance, module, and ambient temperature measurements. The substantial internal storage capacity allows for the recording of up to 999 complete data sets. These records can be effortlessly downloaded as CSV files to a computer for thorough analysis.

To facilitate on-site testing, the Solar Utility Pro is bundled with 1.5-meter long conversion leads. These leads transform the standard MC4 connectors into convenient alligator clips. This feature proves particularly useful in scenarios involving combiner boxes and junction boxes.

All these remarkable features are encased within a robust housing, ensuring durability and reliability. For professionals working with larger scale PV installations, the Solar Utility Pro stands out as the ultimate tool. It’s not only highly efficient and portable but also boasts the highest rating in its class, cementing its position as the top choice for PV engineers.