Raptor HH handheld Computer

Raptor HH handheld Computer that works with Raptor High Currents test sets

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Product Overview: Raptor HH handheld Computer

Raptor HH

Whereas the master Raptor is the heart of the system, the Raptor HH console is its brain. This handheld computer, which permanently stores the operation software, the work templates, the user preferences and the test results, features a touch-sensitive screen and a rotary encoder with push function for a friendly, efficient and easy to learn operation.

The Raptor HH can be detached from the test unit and connected to a USB port in any Windows PC for data downloading, and also to a standard LAN plug for network-based operations like, for example, direct software updates.

The Raptor HH is connected to the master Raptor through a 5-meter cable that allows the user to stay at a convenient location while the test set is working much closer to the load. For extreme cases, a 4-meter extender is available as an optional accessory.

The console’s back is magnetized, which allows the user to snap it quickly and safely on any iron surface for a more comfortable operation.

The Raptor HH’s buit-in software is multilingual, detects and configures the slave units automatically and only prompts the user for the number of turns made with the high current cable. After this simple start-up sequence, you only need to choose a test template from the menu, enter a few (if any) parameters and depress the rotary encoder. The test results are displayed immediately upon test completion and permanently saved into a report container. Some safety tasks like winding de-magnetizing are conducted automatically while a ‘please wait’ message is displayed.

A simple to use yet sophisticated tool (which can also be installed on a Windows PC) allows the user to quickly determine the master/slave configuration and the cable type required as minimum to successfully accomplish a specific high current job, even before leaving the desk.



Touch-sensitive color TFT and rotary / push encoder
USB peripheral type connector
Fast Ethernet RJ-45 LAN connector
Embedded stylus
5-meter connection to master unit
Nylon protective pocket
110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power adapter for standalone operation

Windows CE operating system
Multi-lingual application software
Factory-defined test templates: Breaker trip test, reclose sequence test, CT magnetization curve, TTR, power factor measurement, sensor calibration, ground grid measurement, and more.
Test resources calculator (also installable on a Windows PC)
Download utility for results archiving, retrieval and reporting.
Direct updates via Internet

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