SMC Raptor – Master

SMC Raptor Master High Current Test Set – Up to three SMC Raptor slave units can be added (sold and rented separately) for up to 15,000 A with a 18-kVA total injection power.

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Product Overview: SMC Raptor – Master

SMC Raptor Master Unit

The Raptor MS is the master unit of any Raptor configuration. It provides the connection for the touch screen console and can be used as stand-alone for primary test applications that do not require extremely high current. When slave units are added, the MS will detect them automatically over the infrared link and will accommodate the system’s parameters with no intervention from the user.





The Raptor MS features a digital waveform generator driving a 3-kVA switching amplifier designed for a maximum 15 kA throughput. The amplifier’s output is applied to a toroidal winding that surrounds the Raptor’s pass-through hole internally. A concentrically aligned Rogowsky sensor measures the current inside the hole, providing continuous feedback to the amplifier for dynamic compensation of load or supply variations with an accuracy better than 1%.


In addition to the 20-400 Hz variable frequency and to the high current output which is common to all Raptor units, the MS features a 2000-VA auxiliary output that supplies up to 35 A in current mode and up to 200 V in voltage mode, as well as measuring inputs for external AC or DC, including a high sensitivity 0-3 V input. As an alternate method for trip detection, a binary input is also provided to monitor the activity of a dry contact or energized point in the object being tested. The input is sensitive to voltage for automatic mode switching. Finally, the MS includes a system expansion connector for future developments.


The factory- or user-defined test templates pick up only the necessary among all these test and measurement resources for each type of job, so that the user only needs to select a template from the menu and start the test. The standard list includes templates for circuit breakers, current transformer, trip testing, low impedance, ratios, reclosing and many more. This approach provides a cleaner screen layout, because the user is presented only with the data that is needed for each specific task.


All Raptors are powered by single-phase 240 VAC 50/60 Hz and include an automatic thermal-magnetic cut-off switch for protection against internal failures. A protective nylon cover featuring a generous pocket for accessories is also included as standard. This cover leaves the foldable handle and the wheels uncovered for easy transportation and can be quickly removed for working.



SMC Raptor Characteristics:

Small and lightweight:

35 kg (77Lbs)

440mm x 230mm x 550mm

(17” x 9” x 22”)

IRDA interface:

Infrared communications link to slave Raptors.


High current output:

0 – 3,800 A (3 kVA) permanent

0 – 9,500 A (2 kVA) for 3 seconds

Accuracy: 1% or better

Automatic amplitude and phase angle regulation


Signaling LEDs:

Power-on, injection, protection and communications


Auxiliary AC output:

Current mode: 0 – 8.25 A permanent, or up to 35 A for 3 seconds.

Voltage mode: 0 – 200 V.

Power: 2000 VA


AC/DC Voltage measurement input:

Ranges (auto or manual): 0 – 0.2/2/20/300 V

Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ± 0.1% of range


Low level AC/DC voltage input:

Ranges (auto or manual): 0 – 30/300/3000 mV

Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ± 0.1% of range


AC/DC Current measurement input:

Ranges (auto or manual): 0 – 0.2/2/20 A

Accuracy: 0.1% of reading ± 0.1% of range


Binary input:

Monitoring of NO/NC dry contact or AC/DC voltage up to 250 V

Automatic switching to voltage mode


Raptor Bus:

RS-485 connection for touch-screen console and other compatible devices.


Expansion connector:

Furnished to enable additional functionality with future add-on equipment


SMC raptors available for rent, lease, or rent to own.


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