Bird SH-36S PC SignalHawk – Spectrum Analyzer

Bird-Electronics PC SignalHawk

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Product Overview: Bird SH-36S PC SignalHawk – Spectrum Analyzer

100 kHz – 3.6 GHz, PC SignalHawk – Spectrum Analyzer

Transform your laptop into a spectrum analyzer! The SH-36S-PC, SignalHawk™ is a lightweight, modular spectrum analyzer that communicates via USB with a Windows application, moving the display and user interface to your laptop or PC.

High Performance in a PC Module Spectrum Analyzer: 

  • Fast, Accurate, and Sensitive: -135 dBm Noise Floor.
  • Same “Spectrum Analyzer” functionality as our hand held and rack mount units but in a convenient model.
  • Built in FCC Compliance Masks.
  • Waterfall display.
  • Sophisticated Spectrum Analysis software package included with the product.
  • Ideal solution for field techs who already carry a laptop with them as standard equipment.
  • Occupied Band Width, Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, Field Strength Measurements
  • Resolution Bandwidth:100 hz to 1 MHz in 1-3-10 steps
  • Standard Accessories Included: AC/DC power cords, Headphones, Rain Flap, Operations Manual

Power Meter Option

The SignalHawk is compatible with Bird Power Meter Sensor Models 5012, 5010B, 5011 and 5011-EF. These sensors provide high accuracy true average power measurement on CW, modulated waveforms providing peak power, burst average power, crest factor, and CCDF measurements. Sensor models 5012 and 5010B also provide reflected power, VSWR and Return Loss measurements.