Bierer Meters PD50 All-Purpose Utility Meter

Bierer Meters PD50 All-Purpose Utility Meter


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Product Overview: Bierer Meters PD50 All-Purpose Utility Meter

The easy, all-in-one phasing voltmeter with numerous applications. The PD Series® All-Purpose Utility Meters are phasing voltmeters designed to replace numerous other meters


  • Large (3/4′) LCD Digital Meter with Backlight
  • Multiple Ranges 2kV, 20kV, 25/50kV
  • Completely Shielded Housing for Meter and Second Probes
  • Completely Shielded Interconnect Cable(Insulated 35kV to Ground), that Does NOT Have to be Held Off of Grounded or Live Objects for Fear of Shock or Interfering with the Reading
  • Interconnect Cable Lengths up to 100ft.
  • Patented Input Circuitry
  • The Most Accurate High Voltage Meter Available, with Accuracy to +/- 1%
  • Both Probes are Impact and Water Resistant Designed to Withstand Wear
  • Both Probes are Stored in Either a Highly Durable Padded Carrying Case or a Canvas Bag

The PD50


·         The PD50® Series 5-Position Selector Switch Performs the Following Functions:

·         OFF – For Storage

·         2kV – Range 0-1999 Volts

·         25kV – Range 0-24990 Volts

·         50kV – Range 0-49900 Volts

·         Test – Tests internal meter circuitry and displays battery voltage

Each PD50 Kit comes standard with a straight probe (81280LPM), hook probe (81280LHM), 8ft. interconnect cable (81280ML), 8ft. extension cable (81280FL), 3kV power supply (PA25T), 6VDC battery (81280B1), instruction manual, padded storage case (PA25B).

The PD Series® can be used for these applications:

  • Capacitive Test Point Phasing Meter
  • Regulator Neutral Detector
  • Measure True RMS Voltages
  • Commercial/Industrial Meter
  • Phasing or Measuring Secondary Voltages, Replacing 600V Voltmeters
  • Conventional Phasing Voltmeter for Overhead and URD Systems from 0-25kV Phase to Phase
  • DC and Multiple Frequency AC up to 400Hz
  • High Line Resistive Voltmeter*
  • Phase Sequence/Rotation Meter*
  • DC Leakage Tester* (lightning arrestor tester)
  • Hi Pot URD Cable*
  • DC Cable Tracer*
    *Optional Adapter Required