Anritsu MT1040A Network Master Pro

Anritsu MT1040A Network Master Pro

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Product Overview: Anritsu MT1040A Network Master Pro

Anritsu MT1040A Network Master Pro

As networks become increasingly advanced, installation and maintenance (I&M) engineers need a good understanding of
the technologies supporting metro and mobile networks, data centers, etc., and tester operation. Additionally network
commissioning sometimes requires many different measurements, which imposes a heavy load on operators working on-site.
With a full range of built-in test functions, the MT1040A helps lighten operators’ workloads.

Easy-to-Use GUI with Large 9-inch Touchscreen
The MT1040A has a wide 9-inch touchscreen built-into the wide B5-size case. At on-site testing with no available AC supply,
the battery secures 1 hour (average) of continuous, problem-free 400G interface measurements. The GUI is designed for
efficient on-site network I&M evaluation work, and fast troubleshooting if a problem occurs. The intuitive user interface also
helps shorten operator training times.

Flexible Connectivity
WLAN, Bluetooth® and LAN connectivity ensure quick and simple tester access in any situation. While remote operation
allows an experienced engineer to assist colleagues in the field.

The modular design of the Network Master Pro MT1040A platform makes it easy to support I&M for different network configurations. Furthermore, options for each test function can be selected and added as necessary to match the work schedule, helping cut initial capital costs.

OTDR Module
This module helps detect fiber-cable faults, such as dust or scratches at fiber-connector end faces, and excessive optical reflections. The built-in Fiber Visualizer function featuring easy report creation and output helps improve work efficiency too.

Ethernet Installation and Troubleshooting
Network operators are introducing new carrier-class technologies, such as VLAN, Q-in-Q, Ethernet OAM, etc., to their Ethernet service menus, increasing test complexity and test time for field technicians.
With connectivity, bandwidth, QoS (Quality of Service), and service-related test functions, the MT1040A is ideal for commissioning and troubleshooting Ethernet networks at speeds up to 400 Gbps.

BER tests – include Frame Loss and Sequence Error tests
• FEC Analysis
• Automated RFC 2544 tests of Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency or Packet Jitter, Burstability
• Filters – to extract relevant parts of traffic

• Separate pass/fail threshold settings
• Multistream Tx/Rx function (QoS/CoS test)
• Stacked VLAN (Q-in-Q)
• Link Fault Signaling (LFS) Emulation (10 Gbps to 400 Gbps)

Networks do not only use Ethernet technology. Consequently, in addition to supporting Ethernet, the MT1040A also supports mobile networks using eCPRI and CPRI, core networks using OTN and SONET/SDH, and various other networks such as fiber channel used by data centers and video streaming services. Adding various protocols also facilitates network I&M

Strong Support Ranging from 400 GbE Equipment Tests to Network I&M

Two measurement modules can be installed in the MT1040A by adding MT1040A-020. As a result, both 400G dual port and 100G 4 port measurements are supported. Customized installed options facilitate applications ranging from equipment inspection to network I&M.

Easy Connections Anywhere Using SORA (Site Over Remote Access)*

Using the Site Over Remote Access MX109020A (SORA hereafter) software measuring instruments can be remotely controlled easily anywhere. The SORA cloud-based service allows office users to log-in to an Internet webpage to control the measuring instrument from the office via a smartphone

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