Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Part 2 – Phasing a Distribution Circuit

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Digital Meter Provides Better Accuracy

Use the Hastings 6702 Digital Voltage Phase Meter to make sure you have voltage on both sides of power line switches/cutout fuses and check all the phases.  With the digital readout you see the small differences in the voltage reading.  Both sides of the cutout fuses should read zero volts but could possibly show 200-400 volt fluctuations.

HIpot Underground Cable

The purpose of hipoting underground cable is to determine the integrity of the cable and how the phasing tester reacts to different conditions of the cable.  The DC hipot adapter must be attached to perform this test. Three different faulted conditions will be illustrated in this video. A good cable, a fully faulted cable and a punctured cable.  It’s important to watch the meter as soon as you plug it in to see the initial reading and watch it bleed to zero.  When discharging a cable it should be as long as the charging time.  Even though the meter reads zero, it may still have a charge on it.  High moisture around bushings can throw off readings.


  • Auto self-test and battery voltage level check during startup.
  • Large digital display with backlight on/off function.
  • Three modes of operation are available: AC, Hi-Pot, and DC.
  • Maximum value of voltage range is displayed.
  • High quality rugged extruded aluminum enclosure.
  • Automatic shut-off activates after 10 mins of non-use
  • Coiled, self-retracting cable is 16in retracted and 10ft when fully extended.

Watch the video on phasing a distribution circuit and  how to  hipot underground cable

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