Quickly Create a High Pressure Connection for Calibration, Hydrostatic Testing & Safety Valves

Ralston Tube Fitting Quick-test Adapters

tube fitting video pictureRalston Tube Adapters can make connecting to tube fittings much easier.  You can use Ralston Tube Adapters to connect to any brand of tube fitting without a wrench. Simply remove the tube nut and ferrules and then thread on the Ralston Tube Adapter. They seal using an integral o-ring so there are no worries about tightening the nut too much – hand tight is good enough!

They are ideal for use in:

  • pressure calibration
  • hydrostatic testing
  • pressure safety valve setting
  • anywhere a temporary connection to a tube fitting is needed

They are available in brass and stainless steel in a wide range of both fractional and metric sizes.

Watch the video show how quickly you can create a high pressure connection to Swagelook, Parker, SSP or other tube fittings without a nut and ferrules.

JM Test Systems® rents Ralston hand pumps and sells Ralston fittings for all your measurement and calibration solutions.

The fittings used in this video are the 2TB0, 2TS0, 3TB0, 3TS0, 4TB0 & 4TS0
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