ThermoProbe TP 8 Thermometer


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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for this item.

Product Overview: ThermoProbe TP 8 Thermometer

This product is discontinued. 


  • Simple and very versatile design
  • Highly accurate and reliable circuit and sensor components
  • Reliable over an extended temperature range
  • Compact: cable storage, probe holders and handles molded into the case
  • Manufactured of rugged materials which are immune to petrochemicals and are non-sparking
  • Enclosure is made of extruded aluminum with a nominal thickness of 0.1”/2.5mm
  • The probe assembly is constructed with a very flexible, static-dissipating, aramid fiber reinforced, non-stick cable, and stainless steel sensor components
  • Engraved text, scratch resistant polycarbonate window, and O-ring sealed switch


Operational Attributes:

  • Easily replaceable 9V Battery, provides an average of 50 hours operation
  • Circuit logic automatically indicates low battery condition, shows readout integrity before each operation, automatically shuts off after two minutes and displays error codes for failure determination
  • The low power backlight for night operation is photo sensor controlled for convenience and battery conservation
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit units with C/F indication can be easily chosen by an internal selector without recalibration


ThermoProbe TP 8 Thermometer Calibration

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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for the ThermoProbe TP 8 Thermometer. Click to inquire about our calibration or other services.