ThermoProbe TL1 R Intrinsically Safe Laboratory Thermometer

ThermoProbe Compact Reference Thermometer Intrinsically Safe 8″ (20cm) & 12″ (30cm) Sensors

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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for this item.

Product Overview: ThermoProbe TL1 R Intrinsically Safe Laboratory Thermometer

ThermoProbe TL1 R


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The TL1-R thermometer is a compact reference thermometer with accuracy comparable to instrument systems costing twice as much. It has all the features of our standard TL1-A plus a higher level of accuracy. It can be used in applications where extreme accuracy is required. The TL1-R is also perfect for metrology applications and as a calibration reference thermometer. It is an extremely accurate portable hand held instrument that is ideally suited for field applications and indoor laboratory uses.

The ThermoProbe TL1 R uses a precision, 200 Ohm wire wound platinum resistance temperature sensor and attains its high accuracy through our proprietary calibration algorithm.

Standard 5-point Calibration Report, Nominal Points -4°, 32°, 120°, 200°, and 300°F. Report also available in equivalent °C temperatures.

– 8″ (20cm) & 12″ (30cm) Sensors available



Display: LCD with 0.25 inch characters
Trend Indicating Arrows
Low Battery & Fault indication
User Functions: Auto Off after 20 minutes or continuous operation
Lowest Reading, Highest Reading, Average Reading
Switchable in Units of °F or °C
Display hundredths or thousandths resolution
Construction: Stainless Steel temperature sensor;
Standard Sensor length 8′ (20cm)
Standard diameter 1/4′ (6.35mm)
Sensor mount acetyl plastic
Electronics and display in 3.5′ x 1.2′ anodized Aluminum enclosure
Molded Silicone seal.
Highly durable display window, graphics and membrane switches.
Weight: 4 ounces, 124 grams
Temperature: Resolution 0.001 Degrees
Standard Calibrated Range:
-4 to 300F, -20 to 150C
Tolerance: ±0.07°F ±0.04°C
NIST Traceable Report of Test
Temperature Time Constant: 19 seconds in circulated water bath
(63.2% response to temperature change)
Electronics: Microcontroller and precision 20-bit A/D converter, FLASH Memory
Recommended Ambient Temperature Range for Best Accuracy 32 to 112 °F, 0 to 44°C
Sensor: 200 Ohm, Wire-wound Platinum RTD
Immersion depth 4′, 11cm
Battery: 2 AAA Alkaline; Duracell MX2400
Over 200 hours Service Life at 70°F, 21°C
Battery Operating Range -4 to 130°F, -20 to 54°CNote: Battery may not provide adequate power if ambient temperature is below -4°F, -20°C or above 130°F, 54°C

Typical Applications

Distillations, temperature baths, melting point tests, flash point tests, reference, thermowells, provers, temperature calibration for coriolis flow meters.

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ThermoProbe TL1 R Intrinsically Safe Laboratory Thermometer Calibration

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Calibration, inspection, cleaning, and/or repair may be available for the ThermoProbe TL1 R Intrinsically Safe Laboratory Thermometer. Click to inquire about our calibration or other services.