Sunsight AAT-30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT)

Sunsight AAT-30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) : The AntennAlign® Alignment Tool is the lightest and most accurate antenna alignment tool used during equipment installation or antenna position audits.

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Product Overview: Sunsight AAT-30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT)

Antenna Alignment Tool (Sunsight AAT-30)

The AntennAlign® Alignment Sunsight AAT-30 Tool is the lightest and most accurate antenna alignment tool used during equipment installation or antenna position audits. It measures antenna alignment in azimuth, tilt, and roll while also indicating its height above ground level. The Sunsight AAT-30 features a quick capture feature for on site captures if antenna position data not available prior to climb. Get antenna installs right the first time, eliminate costly site re-visits or re-climbs. The Sunsight AAT-30 has the best cost of ownership saving you time and money over the long life of product. It is the most durable AAT on the market, with it’s powder-coated aluminum housing, it is weatherproof and rugged for tough conditions General Contractors work in. The antenna alignment tool is simple to operate and can mount to any antenna locations. In seconds, a person can take a reading from any WiFi enabled device, instantly creating a permanent record of an antenna alignment for accountability and traceability. Desired equipment position can be input prior to climb or entered into the tool on-site. The report records the final alignment specification, including latitude/longitude, azimuth, tilt, height, and current date and time. Records can be downloaded (via PDF or CSV) at a later time to be used by contracting companies or quality control departments to certify the installation work was performed as specified.

The AAT is the only alignment tool accepted by all U.S. carriers.  It is even mandated in some regions and for certain projects such as those with T-Mobile and Sprint.  The AAT produces PDF, CSV and Google Earth reports that are accepted and in some cases required by carriers.  Sunsight AAT Tools do not require a Calibration.  This is because there is no way to offer a GPS Calibration.  GPS azimuth is calculated using satellite technology so it cannot be recalibrated.  The AAT’s tilt and roll sensors, however, can be recalibrated by the end-user in the field.  This is one of the many benefits of using the AAT Tool.  If you’re interested in purchasing or renting an AAT Tool, please contact us for assistance.  We’re happy to provide you with pricing and help make sure you are getting the necessary camera mount, antenna mount, rangefinder kit, azimuth scope and adapters to fit your application. 

Weight: 3.6 Lbs, mount 1lbs

Most Accurate: 2.5 times more accurate than the main competitor’s instrument based on R99 (3 sigma)

Most Durable: solid powder coated aluminum housing, weather resistant, no internal moving parts

Best Value: the lightest and smallest form factor — most features for lowest price.


Comparison sheet for the AAT30 vs the 3Z
Feature/Advantage: Sunsight AAT 3Z
Azimuth to <1.0° at 3-sigma (99.7%) Yes (0.9°) No (2.3°)
Downtilt to <0.5° (and roll) Yes (0.1°) No (0.5°)
In-Field Calibration feature w Cal Date shown Yes No
Sub Meter Latitude/Longitude Yes (30cm) No (1m)
MSL (Mean Sea Level) height <1m Yes (60cm) No (2m)
AGL (Above Ground Level) height <0.3m Yes (30cm) No  N/A
RF Shielding for use near live antennas Yes (substantial) No
Multi -path filtering to ensure accurate azimuth Yes No
GPS plus GLONASS subsystem (GNSS) faster AZM in tougher areas (views double the satellites) Yes No
Weather Sealed (rain, snow, sleet, etc) Yes No
Dust Proof Yes No
Crush Resistant Yes No
Ability to view from distance with WiFi for accurate Tilt capture Yes No
Most advanced battery life available (LiFePO4) 3x life Yes No
Ability to mount to any side of antenna (L,R,F,B) Yes No
Ability to use <35° F Yes No
Ability to use >100° F Yes No
Ability to move screen away from bright sunlight for view Yes No
Side Mount Yes No (back only)
Side mounting can be done in < 15 seconds Yes No
Safety strap included which should be used with AAT and mount to tie off Yes No
TOP Extender mount (up and out in front for tough installations)
Air 11/21/32 Mount (Ericsson) Yes No (air21 only)
Realtime Microwave Path alignment (w AAT15) Yes No
WiFi interface to any wireless device (smartphone/tablet) Yes No
One Button Report output Yes No
Download to smartphone/tablet and Email from site when done! Yes No
All antenna data Target Input for tech to view during alignment (azm, tilt, roll, height) Yes No
No cables or post processing required Yes No
One complete protected report for all site antennas (pdf) Yes No
Weight with mount <6lbs Yes No
Report data to csv/xls for Carrier databases (data export) Yes No
Import csv template for multiple site/antennas profile import Yes No
Quick site/antenna Clone button for quick site antenna profile adds Yes No
Optional data fields for additional antenna data (ant ser no, RRU info, site info, RET, etc) Yes No
Scope Kit for precise ground based antenna azimuth audits Yes No
3 yr Manufacturer’s warranty included Yes No
Padded Soft Case, Approved Safety strap, wrist cuff for smartphone included Yes No
True Hard case (pelican) option (weatherproof, dustproof, crushproof) available Yes No
Actual CE certification of unit itself Yes ?
Encrypted results file Yes No
Other Grids available (British, French, Dutch, Irish, etc) Yes No
Ability to mount to antennas wider than 2′ Yes No
Nokia FASB antenna mount Yes No


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