Sunsight AAS Antenna Attitude Sensor

Antenna Attitude Sensor (AAS)

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Product Overview: Sunsight AAS Antenna Attitude Sensor


The AntennAware Sensor is a permanently mounted or fully integrated monitoring sensor that ensures your specified alignment does not change over time. For multi-component installations, a daisy-chained cluster of up to 256 AntennAware sensors takes measurements on a daily basis.

Imagine having accurate antenna position for your RF propagation tools like Planet or Asset updated instantly with exact azimuth, tilt, and roll of each sector antenna. Propagation data would be more meaningful as far as coverage and interference mitigation. Also AFP and ACP tools would be able to provide more credible output for your network optimization. Improve KPIs, improve CINR (RSRQ) and control HARQ retransmissions, improve coverage (RSRP), and eliminate the need to review/audit antenna positions as being possible cause of poor performance in an area chosen for optimization investigation. Or now you can be confident with the antenna position change recommendations from your optimization analysis.

By using the AISG communications protocol, the AAS can report current alignment to compliant RET controllers. Using the AAS in conjunction with Remote Electrical Tilt antennas enables climb-less troubleshooting and optimization of a site’s RF propagation.

Azimuth Accuracy : +/- 0.3°RMS, +/- 1.0°R99
Tilt Accurance : +/- 0.25°
Roll Accurance : +/- 0.25°
Weight : 12oz


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