Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Professional Calibration Software

ProCalV5 Professional Calibration Software

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Product Overview: Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Professional Calibration Software


  • Comprehensive system designed to assist calibration and quality managers maintain compliance
  • Eliminates the need for calculators when creating records, during the calibration process or when approving final records
  •  A library of routines for forced e-signature routings can be created and individually attached to any device or activity
  • Global changes, automatic archiving, paperless import/export of work assignments and much more are just some of the features within this robust system.
  • True real-time paperless calibration solution.
  • Maximize performance, improve quality, assure timely reporting and provide management with the highest level of confidence that this critical quality practice is under control.
  • Includes a comprehensive selection of over 70 Standard Reports and Forms.
  • Customer Service Specialists routinely provide custom reports to any specification.
  • Users with Seagate Crystal Report experience may easily modify the standard reports or create their own. 
  • A convenient Report Management Utility allows the addition and re-indexing of the new document templates.
  • Unique worksheets, calibration reports or other custom documents may be assigned for different account or instrument requirements.
  • Exciting new user interface designed to both enhance the user experience and increase productivity for managers and end users alike.
  • Now even easier to manage devices and engineering records, schedule and track calibration activities and electronically distribute critical notifications, reminders and alerts.


  • Specifically designed to provide the features necessary to satisfy the strictest of compliance requirements.
  • These comprehensive control features support the compliant record management dictated for cGxP operations per 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9000-2001, QS 9000, ISO 17025, ANSI 254 and others.
  • With ProCalV5 record access is configurable yet restricted to authorized users.
  • The complete and easily queried Audit Trail confirms record integrity.

Test Type Packages:

  • ProCalV5’s unique “Test Type Package” feature enable users to perform calibration procedures involving complex algorithms and obtain automatic Pass/Fail Results.
  • You need only define the test requirements and procedure and the Prime Technologies engineers will develop a “Test Type Package” solution to suit your requirements.

Field Calibrator Utility: Users are able to download calibration assignments & specifications directly to a documenting process calibrator. With the calibrator the user may then go into the field and complete the calibration assignment in accordance with the predefined and approved procedure. The completed calibration is then easily and seamlessly uploaded as electronic calibration records to the ProCalV5 system database.

Benefits to this process include:

  • Efficient use of the latest handheld field calibration tools
  • Elimination of costly calculation or transcription errors
  • Reduction of calibration task turnaround time


  • Fluke
  • Martel
  • Beta
  • Yokogawa
  • Transmation
  • Druck
  • Beamex

Maintenance Management:  For over 10 years, ProCalV5 has gone beyond the industry standard for calibration and maintenance management functionality. With the planned maintenance feature of ProCalV5, combined with our fully validated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance tools, ProCalV5 provides all the necessary equipment, plus more, for any organization to manage their calibration and maintenance activities.

Available Database Platforms: Currently, ProCalV5 is engineered for use on the following database platforms:

  • MS Access (DB included, 1,5 & 10 User)
  • MSDE (Database Included, Limited SQL Server 1 & 5 User)
  • MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005 (DB License Required, Unlimited, 5 + User)
  • ORACLE 9i or above (DB License Required, Unlimited 5 + User)
  • ProCalV5 SQL Server and ORACLE are certified to operate in a Metaframe environment

Custom Solution Without the Custom Price: ProCalV5 is a mature, proven COTS (commercial off the shelf) software solution. The powerful configuration features allow the user to tailor the system installation to accommodate most management and technical requirements. Need something special or have a suggestion for an improvement? The engineers at Prime Technologies are ready to work with you to enhance ProCalV5’s already incomparable functionality.