Prime Technologies ProCalLE Calibration Software

ProCalLE Calibration Software

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Product Overview: Prime Technologies ProCalLE Calibration Software

Perfect Replacement for Excel Spreadsheets & Paper Forms!

ProCalLE Highlights:

  • Supports the management of up to 1000 instruments
  • Allows support of up to 200 Test Instruments
  • Manage up to 500 Loops
  • Support up to 200 Systems
  • Track information for 1 Company/Account
  • Incorporates 50+ Standard Reports & Forms
  • Available to suit your State-of-the-Art Self Documenting Field Calibrators
  • Exciting new user interface designed to both enhance the user experience and increase productivity for managers and end users alike
  • Now even easier to manage devices and engineering records, schedule and track calibration activities and electronically distribute critical notifications, reminders and alerts.


  • Building records
  • Entering data
  • Assigning test standards
  • Establishing hierarchal associations for systems, loops, equipment and instruments
  • Changing test point values in the field

A list of field calibrator manufacturers that offer products that are compatible with ProCal include:

  • Fluke

  • Meriam

  • Beta

  • Druck

  • Transmation

  • Yokogawa

  • Beamex

ProCalLE is a useful calibration management tool for small facilities (available for one account) or those with less than one thousand assets. Note: Assets are defined as any combination of systems, equipment, instruments, loops and test standards, each with a unique identification number.