PM6666 Frequency / Timer Counter

PM6666 Frequency / Timer Counter with Optional1.3GHz C Channel

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Product Overview: PM6666 Frequency / Timer Counter

Key Features:


  • Unrivaled price/performance
  • A/B Channel 160 MHz / C Channel 1.3 GHz option
  • Reciprocal counting, 7 digits per second
  • High stability MTCXO: 2×10-7 over 0°C to 50°C with push-button calibration
  • Error-free triggering-, high noise immunity input circuitry
  • PM 6666: Full GPIB/IEEE 488 programmability, Auto trigger, Voltage measurements
  • Rugged, no compromise quality
  • Excellent suppression of RF interference through all-metal cabinet



Description: Refurbished PM 6666 is a low cost timer/counter with high accuracy frequency, time and voltage measurements that also offers 100% programmability including trigger level and sensitivity settings. A bus learn mode is provided to speed and simplify programming. The PM 6666 is also a bench-top use; with 9 front panel selectable measuring functions including voltage max /min measurements.


The PM 6666 has Volt peak measurements up to 50 MHz.  When displaying Vmax. / min. measurements, positive and negative signal peaks of the input signal are shown simultaneously with a resolution of 20 or 200 mV.


 High Resolution The PM 6666 can measure low frequency signals to high resolution with synchronized multiple period measurements and computing the reciprocal values.

Resolution is at least 7 digits on a1s measuring time, because the traditional ± 1 input cycle error is eliminated. Time interval measurements are high resolution as well as high accuracy, due to the time interval averaging technique. The 100 ns resolution is improved by a factor vN (N = number of time intervals averaged) when compared with single time interval measurements.