Mensor CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller

Mensor CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller



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Product Overview: Mensor CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller

Special Features:

  • Pressure ranges: -1 … 210 bar (-15 … 3,045 psi)
  • Control speed 10 s
  • Control stability < 0.005 % FS
  • Accuracy down to 0.02 % IS (IntelliScale)

General information

The model CPC4000 industrial pressure controller offers a broad pressure range from -1 … 210 bar (-15 … 3,045 psi). This instrument is available as a desktop or as a 19′ rack-mounting kit. It can have up to two reference pressure sensors and an optional barometer for displaying barometric pressure or can be used to emulate gauge or absolute pressure.

Since the controller offers an accuracy of up to 0.02 % IS-50, and controls pressure with a high stability, it is particularly suited as a production tool for transmitter manufacturing, a calibration and maintenance tool for pressure measuring instruments or as a factory/working standard for the calibration of all types of pressure measuring instruments. The optional contamination prevention accessories like the coalescing filter and block and bleed valve make the CPC4000 an ideal solution in oil and gas plants.

Maximum ease-of-use is achieved through the touchscreen and the simple and intuitive menu navigation. In addition, the large number of menu languages add to its operability. The instrument can have up to two internal pressure sensors and the ranges for each reference pressure sensor are determined by the customer within the allowable range.

Depending on the application, the operator can choose between three set-point methods:

  1. Direct entry of the pressure value (set point) which will be controlled via touchscreen keypad.
  2. Define steps to reach the desired pressure value by either defining fixed pressure increments or a percentage of span value.
  3. User-defined programmable test sequences.


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