MacLean 01-M-037 25MM Grounding Clamp

25MM Grounding Clamp


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Product Overview: MacLean 01-M-037 25MM Grounding Clamp


  • Can be installed on all electrical facilities, apparatus, tubes and conductors as well as various equipment (trucks, pulling equipment, etc.)
  • This universal clamp can also be used on a jumper cable
  • Installation on conductor, round bus bar and grounding ball stud of 25mm
  • Stress-relief to reduce cable damage and serve as a shock damper if fault occurs, which
    protects cable strands.
  • Locations on each side of the clamp for 20mm or 25mm grounding ball studs installation, which serve as support studs for either a grounding cluster or cascade assembly.
  • Fitted to receive a 5/8-11UNC threaded stud ferrule.
  • Lubrication chamber for upkeep of threads
  • Installation eye for installing clamp with shotgun stick.
  • Double internal threads for fast installation and removal.


  • Aluminum Clamp and Keeper
  • Bronze or Aluminum Eye Screw
Catalog NumberCapacity 15 CyclesCapacity 30 CyclesFor Ground StudJumper Cable Min.Jumper Cable Max.Main Conductor Min (in)Main Conductor Max (in)JawContinuous Currrent RatingWeight Lbs (kg)
01-M-03735kA (IEC) 55 kA (ASTM)39 kA (ASTM)25mm2 AWG4/0 AWG#8 (.16)795 (1.13)1-3/8400A1.4