LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester

Smart tester for configuration, validation and testing of copper and fiber Ethernet networks and devices
  • Industry’s first “802.3bt ready” network tester with TruePower™ loaded 4-pair high-wattage PoE test for PSE and UTP Cabling
  • AutoTest that simplifies network connectivity validation for Fiber or twisted pair Gigabit Ethernet links in seconds
  • Discover nearest switch name, port #,  VLAN and IP subnet provisioned
  • Android-based OS – run your favorite apps for speed tests, device configuration, workflow management and more
  • Remote collaboration enabled with automated test result upload, management and reporting in Link-Live Cloud Service
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Product Overview: LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester

LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester simplifies network validation and configuration. It empowers network professionals responsible for device deployment and troubleshooting, and facilitate collaboration between teams. For organizations challenged by the rapid growth of network-connected devices, this next-generation test tool enables network professionals to accelerate deployments and speed problem identification, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations and installation validation.


The LinkRunner G2’s key features include multiple user-configured AutoTests, cable length measurement, cable fault location and fault type, TruePower™ Power over Ethernet (PoE) loaded test for up to 90W 802.3bt Type 4 PSEs, Ethernet speed and duplex verification at 10/100/Gigabit rates, UTP cable testing, copper and fiber optic Ethernet link testing, nearest switch identification, VLAN ID, DHCP, DNS and Gateway connectivity tests, and Ping and TCP port connectivity tests to unlimited number of user-selected targets.


As the industry’s first Android-based Smart Network Tester, the revolutionary LinkRunner G2 has a built-in camera, speaker & microphone and a large color display. It runs Android apps to configure and triage connected devices, and even test the network. LinkRunner G2 streamlines workflows by combining the essential aspects of installation and triage in a single, ruggedized unit.


Test results can be automatically uploaded to the encrypted and highly secure Link-Live results management database at the completion of each test, facilitating more collaboration between network engineers and technicians greater job visibility, project control, and fleet management. ​

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