General Resistance RTD-100

General Resistance RTD-100 RTD Simulator

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Product Overview: General Resistance RTD-100

Model General Resistance RTD-100
The flagship of the GR line priorto the introduction of the RTD100X, the RTD100 is identicalto the 100X except for its absolute accuracy of ± 0.01%.

General Resistance RTD-100
The RTD100X provides an absolute accuracy of ± 0.005% over its entire resistance range. There is no need to even attempt to calculate or compensate for the error contribution due to contact resistance or “O” resistance because there is no “O” resistance. The unique shunt decadedesign reduces these errors to a level of insignificance. When the RTD100X replaces the RTD in the system, any temprature-equivalent resistance can be selected on the error-free in-line making it possible to check or calibrate all of the other elements in the system. The usable resistance range of 10 to 1111.11O is ideally suited for use with DIN PT100, PT100 ANSI, PT50 and NI120 systems.

Product Type Decade Boxes
Model RTD-100
Brand General Resistance

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