Ametek RTC-168 Reference Temperature Calibrator

Ametek RTC-168 Reference Temperature Calibrator

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Product Overview: Ametek RTC-168 Reference Temperature Calibrator

Ametek Reference Temperature Calibrator RTC-168

Sanitary Sensor Calibration – high speed & high volume calibration

The most sophisticated and precise portable temperature calibrator we offer, with the broadest temperature range. The innovative DLC technology, which ensures excellent temperature homogeneity in the insert even when calibrating big sensors or lots of sensors at once, is one of its best characteristics.

Additionally, the RTC Series has active dual- and triple-zone temperature management, which offers superior well temperature homogeneity.

This calibrator is the most advanced yet. The benefits of both are combined in our new RTC-168 Combination Dry-Block / Wet Bath Temperature Calibrator, which comes in a portable design. Along with its adaptability, it also has inventive, patent-pending features made to calibrate challenging sanitary sensors.

Some of the key features include:

  • New Liquid Calibration System: In order to achieve a longer temperature homogeneity zone, a new liquid calibration system and a quicker magnetic stirrer were used. Shorter sanitary sensors can now access this zone due to its vertical extension.
  • More Space to Support Large Flanges: Allows for the calibration of sanitary sensors with a maximum diameter of 84 mm.
  • Removable Liquid Container: With the RTC-168, moving from wet to dry is simple, quick, and significantly cleaner thanks to the removable liquid insert/container. When the liquid-filled container is removed, the calibrator is once more a dry-block device. No cleaning needed!
  • Quick Portability: A screw-on lid with a built-in pressure relief valve is part of the liquid container. The relief valve safeguards the user by releasing the increased pressure from the closed system in the event of a temperature or elevation change while transporting.
  • Special Sanitary Sensor Dry-Block Insert: We created a customized insert to fit short sensors for customers who like to calibrate their sanitary sensors using a dry-block calibrator.
  • Unique Airflow System: In the RTC-168, the airflow system has been switched around so that hot air exits the calibrator from the bottom as opposed to the top. By doing this, the sensors being tested are shielded from the heated exhaust air.
  • New IP68 Interchangeable Reference Sensor: The new STS-102A-035 reference sensor is compatible with both dry and wet applications, and it matches the temperature range of the RTC-168. Utilize it as normal in a liquid calibration application without a protection tube after using it as usual in a dry-block application.
  • Save Time and Money with Fast Heating Time: Compared to earlier JOFRA models, the whole heating time from -22°C to 155°C is more than twice as fast.


Dry-Block and Liquid Temperature Bath Calibration

Advantages of Liquid Calibration:

  • You do not need inserts for the different types of sensors
  • You can calibrate sensors that would not fit in an insert
  • You can calibrate glass thermometers and gas or liquid filled sensors
  • You can calibrate any type of odd-shaped sensor

Advantages of Dry Calibration:

  • No hazardous or hot liquids
  • Easier to handle inserts rather than liquid
  • More convenient to carry a dry-block
  • No need for external exhaustion
  • 100% repeatability due to the fixed sensor position in the block
  • No oil contamination of the sensor under test

Advantages of a Combined Liquid Bath/Dry-Block Calibrator:

  • Can calibrate all sensors, whether they are long, short, odd-shaped, or flange mounted
  • Two calibrators in one
  • Full flexibility to choose between liquid and dry configurations as needed
  • Quickly switch between wet and dry to fit the application


Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC) – Accurate and Well Documented Dry Calibration: With the aid of this capability, high calibration standards can be met without being impacted by the real load.

By regulating the homogeneity not only inside the well but also inside the insert where the sensors-under-test are positioned during calibration, the DLC sensor enhances the already cutting-edge dual-zone technology of the RTC calibrator. The active dual-zone system reduces the temperature difference inside the insert to a minimum using feedback from the DLC sensor, which tracks the insert’s temperature homogeneity. When calibrated and tested in accordance with the widely recognized EURAMET/cg-13v.01 guideline for calibration and testing of dry blocks, the RTC performs the best dry-block calibrator on the market since the DLC function makes the homogeneity independent of the various loads of the insert.

A unique differential temperature sensor created especially for the RTC is part of the DLC system. The calibrator is attached to the sensor, which is inserted into the insert. Along with the regular temperature management and stabilization, the calibrator will automatically balance the temperature homogeneity inside the insert when the DLC feature is turned on. DLC function cannot be used when calibrating sanitary sensors.

DLC User Advantages:

  • Calibration of several sensors simultaneously.
  • Calibration of thick sensors.
  • Gives TSL (Thermo Sensitive Length) independency; it is no longer necessary to know the TLS of the sensor.
  • Compensates for sensor production tolerances like the PT100 element being mounted in various positions in the sensor.
  • Trouble free calibration of sensors with PT100 elements up to 60mm length.
  • The DLC indicator proves that the dual-zone is active and functioning well.
  • Proves that the calibrator is working perfectly. The DLC value should be close to 0.00 when the calibrator is loaded with DLC sensor and an external reference sensor.
  • Together with the stability indication, the DLC indicates when the calibration values can be read.
  • JOFRA’s unique, patented DLC system allows RTC dryblock calibrators to perform with “close-to-laboratory” liquid bath performance.

List of Equipment Received:

  • 1 calibrator
  • 1 mains cable
  • 2 sets of test cables (2 black, 2 red, -B versions only)
  • 1 USB memory stick containing electronic manuals and software package: JOFRACAL, AMETRIM, and CON050
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 tool for insertion tube
  • 1 traceable certificate (A versions)
  • 2 traceable certificates (C versions)
  • 3 traceable certificates (B versions)
  • 1 set of silicone plugs for insulation plugs


Functional Specifications

Temperature Range

Dry & Liquid
    @ ambient temp 0°C/32°F -30 to 165°C/-22 to 329°F
    @ ambient temp 23°C/73°F -30 to 165°C/-22 to 329°F
    @ ambient temp 40°C/104°F -17 to 165°C/1.4 to 329°F
Liquid in Container
    @ ambient temp 0°C/32°F -30 to 160°C/-22 to 320°F
    @ ambient temp 23°C/73°F -26 to 160°C/-15 to 320°F
    @ ambient temp 40°C/104°F -13 to 160°C/8.6 to 320°F

Accuracy with External STS Ref. Sensor (models B & C)

In Insert ±0.045°C/±0.081°F
In Bath ±0.045°C/±0.081°F
In Bath in Container ±0.045°C/±0.081°F

Accuracy with Internal Ref. Sensor (models A, B, & C)

In Insert; Calibrated with Insert ±0.18°C/±0.32°F
In Bath; Calibrated with Insert ±0.21°C/±0.38°F
In Bath; Calibrated in Bath ±0.14°C/±0.25°F


Block, Bath, Bath in Container ±0.01°C/±0.018°F

Resolution (user selectable)

All Temperatures 1° or 0.1° or 0.01° or 0.001°

Temperature Unit in Display

User Selectable °C, °F, or K

Radial Homogeneity (difference between holes)

@ -30°C/-22°F, Block 0.02°C/0.04°F
@ 165°C/329°F, Block 0.03°C/0.06°F
@ -20 to 165°C/-4 to 329°F, Bath 0.015°C/0.03°F
@ -30 to -20°C/-22 to -4°F, Bath 0.029°C/0.05°F

Heating Time

-30 to -23°C/-20 to 73°F 4 minutes
23 to 100°C/73 to 212°F 9 minutes
100 to 165°C/212 to 329°F 11 minutes

Cooling Time

165 to 100°C/329 to 212°F 12 minutes
100 to 23°C/212 to 73°F 22 minutes
23 to 0°C/73 to 23°F 13 minutes
0 to -15°C/32 to 5°F 17 minutes
-15 to -30°C/5 to -22°F 42 minutes

Time to Stability (approx.)

Block 30 minutes
Bath 15 minutes
Bath in Container 30 minutes

Immersion Depth

Including insulation plug 180mm/7.1 in
Bath version 150mm/5.9 in


Physical Specifications:

Weight and Instrument Size (LxWxH)

Weight 10.9 kg/24.0 lb
(LxWxH) 255 x 171 x 363 mm/ 14.4 x 6.7 x 14.3 in


Input Specifications:

RTD Reference Input (models B & C)

Type 4-wire RTD with true ohm measurements
Full Scale (FS) 400 ohm
Accuracy (12 months) (0.0012% rdg. + 0.0005% FS)


Temperature Temperature 12 Months 12 Months
RTD Type °C °F °C °F
Pt 100 Reference -30 -22 ±0.008 ±0.014
0 32 ±0.008 ±0.015
28 82 ±0.009 ±0.016
165 329 ±0.011 ±0.019

DLC Sensor Input (models B & C)

Temperature Temperature 12 Months 12 Months
TC diff °C °F °C °F
DLC 168 -30 -22 ±0.011 ±0.020
0 32 ±0.010 ±0.018
28 82 ±0.010 ±0.018
165 329 ±0.008 ±0.015

RTD Sensor Under Test Input (model B)

FS (range) 400 ohm
Accuracy (12 months) ±(0.002% Rdg.+0.002% FS)
2-wire add 50 mOhm

Thermocouple Input

Range ± 78 mV
FS (Full Scale) 78 mV
Accuracy (12 months) ±(0.005% Rdg. + 0.005% FS)

Transmitter Supply

Output Voltage 24VDC ±10%
Output Current Maximum 28 mA

Transmitter Input mA (model B)

Range 0 to 24 mA
Accuracy (12 months) ±(0.005% Rdg. +0.010% FS)

Voltage Input (model B)

Range 0 to 12 VDC
Accuracy (12 months) ±(0.005% Rdg. +0.0180 FS)

Switch Input (model B)

Test Voltage Maximum 5 VDC
Test Current Maximum 2.5 mA

Mains Specifications (Switch Dry Contacts)

Voltage 115V (90-127) / 230V (180-254)
Frequency, non US Deliveries 50/60 Hz (47-63 Hz)
Frequency, US Deliveries 60 Hz (57-53 Hz)
Power Consumption (max) 500 VA

Communications Interface

Serial Data Interface USB 2.0 Device Port
LAN Ethernet MAC 10/100 Base-T
SD SD Slot


Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to 40°C/32 to 104°F
Storage Temperature -20 to 50°C/-4 to 122°F
Humidity 0 to 90% RH
Protection Class IP-10



Insert Dimensions (Standard Insert & Extended Sanitary Sensor Insert)

Outer Diameter 63.5 mm / 2.5 in
Length (SI) 160 mm / 6.3 in  (ESSI) 173 mm / 6.81 in

Weight of Non-Drilled Insert (approx.)

Standard Insert 1200 g / 42.3 oz
Extended Sanitary Sensor Insert 1300 g / 45.9 oz

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