Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Network Assistant

This item has been replaced by the Netscout OneTouch AT Network Assistant

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Product Overview: Fluke Networks OneTouch AT Network Assistant

OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant

All-in-one Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooter for copper, fiber optic, and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Troubleshoot network performance from the client connection through the cable, the wired and Wi-Fi infrastructure and to key network services hosted locally and within private and public clouds
  • Turn anyone into a troubleshooting expert with standardized test scripts tailored for your network, services and applications
  • Get answers in seconds with the one-touch AutoTest and an intuitive user interface
  • Prove that your Wi-Fi network is operating at peak performance with the exclusive Veri-Fi™ test
  • Solve complex network and application issues by capturing packets between the client and network with the built-in copper/fiber filtering TAP
  • Collaborate with colleagues and extend your troubleshooting reach by controlling the OneTouch AT remotely via a web browser

The OneTouch™ AT Network Assistant is an all-in-one Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooter for copper, fiber optic and Wi-Fi networks. It provides a client view of network performance so you can resolve problems fast and complete deployment projects on time.

Based on a recent Fluke Networks’ study, network professionals spend 25 percent of their time troubleshooting—that’s time taken away from deploying new technologies and optimizing network performance. With most problems requiring an hour or more to solve, end-user productivity suffers across the enterprise. The OneTouch AT greatly reduces troubleshooting time through a streamlined, three-step approach:

  1. The unique AutoTest replaces multiple tools and an hour of troubleshooting time – pass/fail analysis instantly identifies the most common problems from the end-user’s perspective
  2. A powerful set of network performance measurements – accessible through a graphical, touch-screen interface – to troubleshoot wired and Wi-Fi networks
  3. Since 40 percent of problems span multiple organizations, it enhances team collaboration through a simple web-remote interface and easy-to-use inline packet capture capabilities

By improving each step of the process, the OneTouch AT frees up nearly a week each month historically spent troubleshooting problems. The OneTouch AT makes everyone in your organization—from novice technicians to seasoned experts—a more effective troubleshooter.

“As a small team that’s always on the go, we can’t possibly have everything always at hand for network troubleshooting.  At least, that’s what I thought until I tried the OneTouch AT.  All I can say is ‘wow’ – it really covers everything from basic cable testing to overall network performance on wired, wireless and fiber.  So no matter what we face we’re ready.” – Tony Peffley, system/network administrator, Elkhart County