Fluke Networks 0.3m Port Protector

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Singlemode, Multimode



MRC-50-LCLC-0.3m, MRC-50-SCSC-0.3m, MRC-62.5-LCLC-0.3m, MRC-62.5-SCSC-0.3m, SRC-9-LCLC-0.3m, SRC-9-SCLC-0.3m, SRC-9-SCSC-0.3m, SRC9SCAPCSCUPC0.3m

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Product Overview: Fluke Networks 0.3m Port Protector

Fluke Networks 0.3m Port Protector See more Fluke Networks products here. 
Port Savers also known as Port Protectors for your OTDR.  Compatible with any OTDR that has a standard SC(UPC) or SC(APC) connector installed on your OTDR port.  Other connection styles available including LC and in some cases FC and ST.  Please call for more options.
While using an OTDR in the field, you expect to make several connections and disconnects between the fiber you’re testing, your launch fiber and your OTDR. With each connect and disconnect comes normal wear and tear but you also run the risk of damaging the ports on your OTDR or the ends of your launch fibers due to dust and dirt that may be present. Even the slightest amount of dust getting onto your launch fiber then being plugged into your OTDR can cause pitting or scratches to your ports resulting in costly repairs and inaccurate readings. We always recommend installing port savers like these onto your OTDR and then mating your launch fibers directly to the port protector cable. It is cheaper to damage and replace a port saver than it is to repair the end faces and ports of your OTDR.

We also recommend keeping appropriate and sufficient amount of fiber optic cleaning supplies on hand. Here are few options to consider.